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In this article, I review Alpha 7 unscented pheromone for men. This has been a staple for many users of pheromones with most people ensuring they have a well-kept supply. Alpha 7 contains one and anyone pheromones and comes with 40% more active ingredient than other pheromones such as ‘Chikara scented pheromone cologne‘.

Before I started using pheromones  I lacked confidence, felt discouraged and wanted to improve my game with women.

We all want to improve in these areas, and pheromones are one way you can do that. But with all the options out there, and in so many different price ranges, how are you supposed to know what to get?

Alpha 7 Formula

Alpha 7 Unscented arrived in a small vial in a plain box. I decided to try it out one day while I was out of town on a business meeting. I thought this would be the perfect test for it because A. I wouldn’t know anybody out later that night so the results would be a true test and B. I also had the chance to try it in a formal meeting trying to close a tough deal.

The bottle is quite a small dropper bottle with the alpha 7 sticker and some other information, I’ll try to get a pic of it up here. It easily fits into a wash bag and the bottle is quite good for applying exactly the amount you want to use.

I still had time before I was going to head to the club, so I decided to get on Google to research it. I found out that Alpha 7 unscented is an andro heavy pheromone that contains 40% more pheromone than competing pheromone products except for top brands like Pherazone.

The mixture is comprised of 6mg of Androstenone and 1mg of Androsterone. But what does all of that mean? Well, apparently, Alpha 7 is pretty potent. You only put a few drops on your neck or behind your ears and the effects are supposed to last up to six hours.

First Impressions

I put the few drops on each side of my neck and I got dressed to kill. By the time I hit the club, it was packed and there were more than a few very hot women, just according to the few I saw in the parking lot. My meeting was over a lunch with the clients. Alpha 7 although unscented does have a bit of a musky husk to it so I also used some of my favorite cologne that morning.

I used approximately 4 drops of the Alpha 7 pheromone. One on each side of my neck and 1 on each wrist. I lightly dabbed my wrists against my neck and patted the pheromone into the skin, afterward I fairly liberally applied my favorite cologne.

The meeting went quite well although we had met each other on previous business trips. We were two men and 3 women, the man almost didn’t agree with everything I said but it was easy to silence him as the three women were in utter agreement with me. I believe this could have something to do with the macho image Alpha 7 can be said to give you. Overall a success here but not one we can put down solely to the pheromone. The biggest test still lay ahead of us tonight.

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Later that evening I was very excited back at the hotel. One of the women from the meeting had called me and asked me if I was staying in town for the night, I was quite chuffed as she was the hottest one of the three. We arranged to meet for a drink not far from her hotel. I got ready and this time applied 6 drops of the pheromone. The night in the bar was very short lived so I don’t have that much to write about there.

I’m not saying my night was short though, we ended up staying in her suite oh and I think I slept for about half an hour. I can’t really be talking about that there though so I’ll leave it up to you to try for yourself.

Using It At A Club

I walked through the club, purposely engaging various women. I did the move where I’d bump into her and I’d say, “You look familiar. Haven’t we met?” This is a great pickup line that never works for me. I always get the “Nope,” and she walks away. But I have to tell you, that night, I got a much different response. Even though there was no extra scent on me, it was as if they really did smell something on me. Take this one sexy brunette I bumped into.

I actually accidentally spilled her drink. Well, some of it. She gave me a dirty look and I gave her my magic line. Her look turned from cold to comical, as if she were going to laugh in my face, but then I asked her another question and she leaned in close to hear me over the loud music.

Something happened at that point. It was if her mood changed. The moment she got closer to me, it was as if she were suddenly turned on by me. And she wasn’t the only one. I’d ask another question, purposely lowering my voice so that they were forced to lean in, and they changed. They became ‘into me’ is the best way I can put it.

They would touch my arm and laugh at my jokes. They’d get close to me when speaking, even though they had plenty of room and other signals that I definitely can’t complain about.


I ended up with more than a few phone numbers, but it wasn’t a magic potion since I still struck out a few times. I guess no product can make every woman like you. But Alpha 7 unscented worked like a charm. It doesn’t make you smell weird, it goes on easy and it lasts for hours. Personally, I found it lasted about four hours, but it’s supposed to last for up to six.

All in all, I highly recommend Alpha 7 unscented. If you strike out a lot, you may find that this gives you the edge you need to finally close the deal with the chick you have your eye on.

*Individual results may vary.


Price: $59.95
Return Policy: 60 Days
Concentration: 7 mg per fluid ounce
Application: Dating. Pick-Up.
Official Site:

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