Alpha 7 Unscented

Alpha 7 Unscented

I’ve never had success with women and I’ve struck out more times than I can count. It’s not that I’m nervous to approach them, it’s just that I have a hard time closing the deal, if you know what I mean. I heard from a buddy of mine about a pheromone called Alpha 7 Unscented. I’ve seen pheromones advertised before but I never knew if they actually worked or not. But since my buddy recommended it, I decided to give Alpha 7 a try. I decided to try it out at the new club that just opened up downtown.

What Is It?

The Alpha 7 Unscented arrived in a small vial in a plain box. I still had time before I was going to head to the club, so I decided to get on Google to research it. I found out that Alpha 7 unscented is an andro heavy pheromone that contains 40% more pheromone than competing pheromone products except top brands like Pherazone. The mixture is comprised of 6mg of Androstenone and 1mg of Androsterone.

How Does It Work?

But what does all of that mean? Well, apparently, Alpha 7 is pretty potent. You only put a few drops on your neck or behind your ears and the effects are supposed to last up to six hours.

Testing Alpha 7

So I’d learned more about Alpha 7 unscented at that point, but I wanted to try it out for myself. So, I put the few drops on each side of my neck and I got dressed to kill. By the time I hit the club, it was packed and there were more than a few very hot women, just according to the few I saw in the parking lot.

My Pick Up Line

I walked through the club, purposely engaging various women. I did the move where I’d bump into her and I’d say, “You look familiar. Haven’t we met?” This is a great pickup line that never works for me. I always get the, “Nope,” and she walks away.

A Different Response

But I have to tell you, that night, I got a much different response. Even though there was no extra scent on me, it was as if they really did smell something on me. Take this one sexy brunette I bumped into.

I actually accidentally spilled her drink. Well, some of it. She gave me a dirty look and I gave her my magic line. Her look turned from cold to comical, as if she were going to laugh in my face, but then I asked her another question and she leaned in close to hear me over the loud music.

Something happened at that point. It was if her mood changed. The moment she got closer to me, it was as if she were suddenly turned on by me. And she wasn’t the only one. I’d ask another question, purposely lowering my voice so that they were forced to lean in, and they changed. They became ‘into me’ is the best way I can put it.

They would touch my arm and laugh at my jokes. They’d get closer to me when speaking, even though they had plenty of room, and other signals that I definitely can’t complain about.


I ended up with more than a few phone numbers, but it wasn’t a magic potion since I still struck out a few times. I guess no product can make every woman like you. But Alpha 7 unscented worked like a charm. It doesn’t make you smell weird, it goes on easy and it lasts for hours. Personally, I found it lasted about four hours, but it’s supposed to last for up to six.

All in all, I highly recommend Alpha 7 unscented. If you strike out a lot, you may find that this gives you the edge you need to finally close the deal with the chick you have your eye on.

Score Product Lab Certified Guarantee MG/bottle Scent Duration Satisfaction Full
Visit Site Price
1. N/A N/A 6 hours 8.0/10
Read Review $59.95

The most powerful pheromone we have tested to date is Pherazone, which contains a whopping 18 mg per half ounce.

Score Product Lab Certified Guarantee MG/bottle Scent Duration Satisfaction Full
Visit Site Price
1. 18mg 6 hours 9.4/10
Read Review $89.95
2. 13.5mg 4-6 hours 8.5/10 Read Review $49.50
3. 10mg 4-6 hours 8.2/10 Read Review $69.95
4. N/A 17mg 4-6 hours 8.1/10 Read Review $98.50
5. N/A N/A 4-6 hours 8.0/10 Read Review $59.95

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