Alpha A314

Alpha A314 has quickly emerged as one of the more popular pheromones products on the market. The reason behind its popularity is nothing to be surprised about. The product has long since established its ability to deliver effective results.


Alpha A314 is a scented cologne distributed by Androtics Direct that mixes pheromones into its ingredients. The scent is not that is known for being overly strong or being overpowering. Rather, it is a reliably masculine scent that does not undermine the intended purpose of purchasing the cologne.

That purpose is, of course, the process of attracting the opposite sex.

Those hoping to meet someone new will agree that it is important to utilize any and all help that is available. By applying Alpha A314 to your person, the potential to improve your odds of being attractive to women increases significantly. In many ways, this is a pheromones supplement/cologne that helps create an aura of masculinity. The end result of this could prove to be increased success with women.

There are three pheromones presented into the mix of ingredients that comprise Alpha A314: Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone. These are three of the most impactful pheromones you can access and their inclusion in this cologne is a huge plus.

Other products on the market do not employ such reliable pheromones and their potential to be effective is impacted negatively as a result.

First Impressions

The duration that Alpha A314 lasts can range from 4 – 6 hours. 2 or 4 drops can be sufficient for such a duration. You do not want to overdo it. Using too much won’t enhance the power of the cologne. Also, using too much could make the scent of the cologne overpowering. Needless to say, this does not want you to want in any type of cologne since the scent will then end up being a turnoff.

A314 is slightly scented, oil-based and comes in a 15ml cobalt blue dropper top bottle. My experience with this product is nothing short of extraordinary. I seem to get more respect from the men, this is probably the Alpha male effect coming into play. As the name suggests, Alpha A314 will give you an Alpha male, dominating the image. Most girls seem to go crazy over this. Women will give you more attention, will strike a conversation and they will flirt a hell lot more. So this product is an all-around quality product, it gives you more attention from women and respect from the men.

I recommend you start with 2 drops and to use a cover fragrance on top of it. This is because if you overdo it, then you could smell bad, so use a cover scent to keep safe. Generally the older you are, the more drops you’ll need to give yourself a youthful image. Keep experimenting with different amounts the find the optimal level for you.

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Because of its versatility, more products have been released recently that make use of AndrosteNOL as a human pheromone ingredient. Personally, given my needs, AndrosteNOL is one of my favorite pheromones. If you have somewhat of an overbearing or argumentative personality, AndrosteNOL can bring peers into a more peaceful state of mind when they are near you. Another hidden benefit is that the user himself (or herself) is also pulled into that same state of mind.

Pheromone colognes containing AndrosteNOL are proven to be very effective at getting those around you into a more relaxed, positive attitude. It will also give you a friendly approachable image and can make older men appear a lot younger. This makes it one of the very best to use in business situations or when you are looking to meet someone new. They won’t be attracted to the pheromones as much, technically, which makes the attraction itself more real in whatever future relationship you might have with them. Because of these characteristics, I highly recommend AndrosteNOL to human pheromone newbies. I also recommend AndrosteNOL to people that want to get more out of human pheromones than just sex.

Finally, Androstenol pheromones are hard to overdose, but too much of any scent will give people a headache, so I’d recommend building up the dosage to experiment with what works well for yourself. I find that one or two sprays/wipes of an AndrosteNOL pheromones product have only positive effects on time spent with others. If I use more than that I run the risk of people noticing and/or choking.


It works. No, that is not stated to be cute. Rather, it is mentioned because it is the truth. The most positive benefits associated with this particular cologne are the notion that it works and works in all manner of different situations. The fragrance is one that is among the best in the industry as far as pheromone colognes are concerned.

Consider that another great help and a hugely positive trait to be associated with Alpha A314.

This product has also received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from consumers that have purchased it. In a world where gimmicks and overstatements of value are the norms, the presence of a reliable product that delivers on expectations is quite welcome.

Is It Worth It?

Alpha A314 is a solid pheromone cologne and one that can deliver excellent results to those that use it. Success, when out and about on the town, can sometimes prove elusive. That is why it is wise to always maintain some sort of an edge. Alpha A314 might very well provide that elusive edge and do so in a highly effective manner.

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