How Alpha-Males Approach Women

They will naturally reciprocate your small amount of attention with sharing themselves because they want more of your attention and they want to show you why they are worthwhile of your attention… So from the get-go they are look at you as the thing they really want, there’s no need to offer them anything above and beyond because that would just subdue the value of your attention because you’d be showing her that you are vibing for her’s – but a alpha-male wouldn’t do this anyway. They wouldn’t because they do not validate themselves they completely love themselves and do not need outside attachments.

Then from there, you see if her personality is good and share more of yourself if you want to.

The sexual tension as an alpha-male is EXTREMELY different than that of a beta.. As a beta, you feel the tension displaced on you, and you try to put some on her.. You feel the anxiety wrapped around you and you try to get it wrapped around her..

As an alpha-male, you NEVER feel that type of sexual tension.. You feel like you are a lion that may be on the hunt and the person is looking at you wondering if you’ve eaten yet today because they may be next on the meal plan.

I used to stare at girls and their eyes would look back – in convo, I would stop when it felt like it was my turn to talk (because I wanted to displace the tension)… But now, when I stare at a girl in her eyes and she stares back, I feel my energy is like a lion on the hunt – I feel aggression coming from me.. With a girl. And this came off quite strange when I first noticed the energy I felt coming from myself when this would happen… I’d think “Dude, you don’t want to fight her.. You want to fuck her.” lol, but I realize that being the alpha-male is about being the suppressor, the aggressor.

The sexual tension is COMPLETELY different than that of a beta male.. Even if as a beta you are trying to displace the sexual tension – because even when you try to displace it, you are still coming off as a feminine energy source – caressing, caring, sweet, lovey-dovey little fragile pumpkin.

As an alpha-male, the sexual energy that you transmit with others is different than that of a beta.

When you stare into the eyes of a girl and she stares back, you feel dominant. You feel that she is on your pride and your the male lion of that pride..

You stare her in those eyes and she stares back, falling straight into immersion with you. Feeling so connected, you dominate her with your energy.. You are the lion with the mane.. Not the Chiwawa barking for approval. I feel that I understand this concept a lot more after seeing it in myself and after reading D Rose’s Sex God book. His books allows me to see the energy that I am transmitting as a normal alpha-male characteristic. I am not going to actually eat her.. nor do I look to suppress her feminine personality. I am sharing my masculinity with her.. Rather than being a Chiwawa.

I think that every beta trait and behavior comes from resistance (because you want to attain an external goal and your behavior adapts to get that external goal.. anxiety comes to play, because controlling something out of your control it’s a shitload of pressure, and now you’re coming from an inferior frame of mind), instead of allowing shit to happen moment by moment (choosing what to give a fuck, or what’s worth to give a fuck really).

I would say that “alpha” tension feels like having a half-boner and feeling that you will take care of her no matter what happens. Allowing her to feel comfortable & secure with yourself.

If you think about it.. every natural sexual position is about men protecting women.

Sometimes when I feel this kind of tension I verbalize it, looking women in the eye and I telling them: “I will take care of you” in a playful & honest way. This makes them feel feminine and secure.. allowing that side of her rush like a fucking champagne bottle.

It’s the sort of tension where you walk up to the chick, you open the conversation and all the sudden her face goes flush red. She looses touch with her mind and kind of goes awry.. Some tension that gets a smart chick to non-stop talk trying to get onto the same page with you.

You NEVER need to feel attached to ANYTHING outside of you. You should never. If you do, then you are not coming from an alpha mindset.

Today I had 2 different chicks talking to me – one chick on the way to class.. One chick out of class while the other chick watched the other girl game me for my attention… They are both rather cute.. 7 1/2’s. I am not attached to either of their validations.. Nor am I attached to anyone’s or anything. Why?

Because I AM THE FUCKING SHIT! To me, I’m fucking awesome! If you can’t see that.. Good, GTFO because you clearly don’t connect with me… Mostly everyone sees it though, because that’s the reference point I come from – that’s where my body language comes from, that’s where I come from when I am having a chat with you or when you’re begging for my attention.. So more than likely, you’re goanna think “oh shit, this guy is something.. something different than most of the other guys.. I want his attention” because you A) are still attached to the outside world for validation and I my focus is a HUGE flow of validation .. or B) You see me as someone similar to you in the fact that I actually care for myself and you want to see if I’m worthy enough to share your time with.

I come from the idea that your belief systems shape your identity. Your identity shapes your actions and how you feel in response to others.

One of the cornerstones of developing into a more dominant male is to release your attachments with the world around you. To decide that you do not need anything outside of you to validate who you are and how valuable you are… Rather, your validation comes from your own centered love that you have for yourself.

When you come from this centered place, you begin to see others as people you CAN share a moment with IF they have something to offer.. You don’t feel like their attention is their offering. You begin to see how others treat you, and you become upset when they step over boundaries, so you begin making more boundaries that they will never step over. You begin acting yourself without feeling ashamed for doing so, you begin speaking your own mouth without feeling guilty..

These are all natural progressions.

An alpha-male is not a pretentious asshole. It’s a person who deeply loves themselves. Someone who views women as a good experience if it is a good experience.

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