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Alter Ego for Men can be considered an excellent pheromones cologne for men. In fact, it can be considered in the top 10% of such pheromones cologne on the market.


One of the benefits to Alter Ego pheromone cologne is the fact that it contains a stack of three pheromones: Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone. Such a three-pronged compound stack certainly boosts the effectiveness level of this cologne.

Not all pheromones colognes on the market compound all three of these highly valued and impactful pheromones. Their combined inclusion in Alter Ego for Men allows this cologne to truly work in a reliable manner.

First Impressions

Alter Ego PheromoneThe notion that Alter Ego for Men is reliable is worth repeating. No one wishes to purchase an attraction supplement that fails to work. What would be the value of such a supplement it if did not deliver on the purpose it was purchased for in the first place?

Answering such a question really would not be necessary if you have purchased Alter Ego for Men. Again, this is an attraction cologne that works. It has been “field tested” and the results of such tested have certainly proven to be positive.

The fragrance of Alter Ego for Men is somewhat musky. This is why many will add a masking scent such as another cologne as a cover. This is not to infer that there is anything wrong with the scent.

It just may not completely appeal to those looking for a traditional cologne. Of course, Alter Ego for Men is not a traditional cologne. It is designed to help men attract women and in that regard, it serves its prime function.

Why Pheromone Scents Matter

This absolute scent of allure is what is driving so many people to buy pheromones online and seduce others at will. Is there nothing more alluring than that? When you go out on a date do you ever think about if your scent will catch the appeal of your date?

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Having this strategic advantage makes people in a good position when faced with new dates and relationships that they want to spice up. It is always good to keep a relationship going with new methods of seduction and charm for the opposite sex, don’t you think?

The next time you go out to any social event, ask yourself if the pheromones that you are producing are enough to get the job done or if you need to amplify the effects with something that is a little more irresistible to others. Food for thought, for the next time you attempt to gain the attraction and full attention of the opposite sex.


The duration that the scent will remain on the man’s person is roughly four to six hours. This would be well within the average of other quality pheromone products on the market. A very small amount of drops is all that is necessary to absorb the appropriate amount of cologne into the skin.

You do not need to overdo it with the application of the cologne. All that would lead the excess to go to waste unnecessarily. The cost of Alter Ego for Men is quite fair in comparison to other pheromone products on the market and comes with a money back guarantee. Consider that another positive benefit.

Is It Worth It?

Alter Ego for Men truly will remain an excellent cologne possessing a solid stack of pheromones. When you are out and about in the town, it never hurts to have access to a product that gives you an edge. For a lot of men, this cologne may very well deliver the much-needed edge you seek.

This is why it can be considered a valuable addition to the male arsenal.

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