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Ten By Intense

Ten by Intense (N10Z) is a masculine¬†fragrance that has been created with pheromones – naturally created chemical attractants that are released as silent signals that are transmitted through the air from one man to another.¬†Decidedly…

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The name “Pheromone” is the term given to a group of naturally produced chemicals that male animals secrete in order to attract a mate. It has long been postulated by some, that human pheromone can…

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Sex Appeal Man2Man

Most men prefer that they have an edge when they go out and about on the town to meet someone new. This is why pheromone sprays are enormously popular as they are considered an excellent…

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Nude Alpha Male

Nude Alpha Male: A Complete Review If you are looking for a way to project sophisticated sex appeal and an aura of confidence, now there is Nude Alpha Male. This is the latest high-end product…

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Is X-Factor a good product for gay men to use to attract other gay men? X-Factor is a product that claims that it can do just that by stimulating production of the sex pheromones naturally….