Mens Pheromones

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Impi Original Pheromone cologne is made in South Africa and means warrior.  Some would expect that something coming from another country might have something on the label of the product that represents where it originated…

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Pheromol Factor Pheromones is one of the types of colognes intended to attract women to the man wearing the scent.  Another brand of pheromone cologne is Climax X Factor.  Pheromones are a chemical substance released…

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Max Attraction Gold

While many companies make big claims regarding their products, not every product really lives up to the claims. Max Attraction Gold is one of the companies that delivers on their promise. In fact, you may…

Chikara Cologne

Chikara Cologne is a popular pheromone cologne that is sold by Love-Scent. It has three common pheromones included in the product in a special blend that is supposed to increase attraction of the opposite sex….

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About Pheramour Pheramour is a pheromone cologne that is designed to help men attract women. You can only purchase it for a low price of $40. The company boasts that this cologne can make you…