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Chikara Cologne is a popular pheromone cologne that is sold by Love-Scent. It has three common pheromones included in the product in a special blend that is supposed to increase attraction of the opposite sex. There are also four more proprietary pheromones that have not been used in any other product, which means that there are an incredible seven different pheromones included. This cologne has become a popular choice, especially because of the exotic scent that women seem to enjoy on men.


In most cases, you’ll find that Chikara Cologne will last for about six hours at a time, which is quite impressive. Many of the other pheromone products only end up lasting for about 3-4 hours. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy yourself without having to reapply all day.

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What I Like

One of the great things is that women of all ages can be attracted with this cologne. It offers a spicy, exotic aroma that women adore helping you break the ice. The majority of consumer reviews have been possible. The only real concern we had about this product is that four out of the total seven pheromones happen to be proprietary making us wonder what they actually do.

A total of seven different pheromones included. However, only three of the pheromones are named. Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone are all included in the product.

Pheromone Effect
Androstenone Increases Sexual Tension
Androsterone Makes user appear more masculine
Androstenol Makes wearer less intimidating
Proprietary X
Proprietary X
Proprietary X
Proprietary X

Field Test

We decided to try Chikara Cologne ourselves to see how effective it really is. The first thing I noticed upon opening the bottle is the exotic scent. What good is it to wear pheromones if it smells like a cheap cologne? Fortunately, Chikara offers a scent that is exotic and a bit sweet. Each time I wore this cologne women commented me on the scent.

It only takes a bit of the product to get results as well, which means that the bottle lasts a long time. When trying it out, just a few dabs worked wonderfully. At the club I had women approaching me and flirting with me all night long, which made Chikara Cologne a great investment in my opinion. Unlike Pherazone, Chikara did not have as much as an aphrodisiac effect on women.

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There are always plenty of factors in any pickup that will affect your result. It’s your job as a player to deal with all the factors you can deal with in the best way you can.

  • Don’t jerk off. Your motivation to get laid will increase.
  • Women have a great perception about your energy and your congruency. You can’t fake anything to them.
  • There are girls that will just want to fuck you and you can tell straight from the beginning. Your primary job is to not fuck it up along the way and to use pheromones to
  • enhance your attraction. And for that you need to have a lot of experience of fucking it up with lots of girls (so that you know what NOT to do).
  • Social engineering is a real thing and pheromones help you control it. You can use it in any environment.
  • The more experience you have with women the easier it’ll be for you to recognise the women who have a lot of experience with men.


Chikara has a sweet exotic scent that women will find appealing. Users have reported flirtatious behavior and women becoming more chatty. While not as strong or effective as our number one pheromone, Chikara is still a good choice, especially if you are looking for a more social pheromone that is a little more tame than some of the more provacative pheromones.

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