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Today I want to talk about the Chikara Pheromone product that I recently got. I don’t need to remind you that there are literally hundreds of pheromone products out there, and all of them claim to be the best.  I’ve personally tried this stuff and I could stop writing here and just say it’s great, but you’ll need more than that to convince you. Here’s the breakdown of this awesome game enhancing pheromone.


Chikara is a popular pheromone cologne that is sold by Love-Scent. It has three common pheromones included in the product in a special blend that is supposed to increase the attraction of the opposite sex. There are also four more proprietary pheromones that have not been used in any other product, which means that there are an incredible seven different pheromones included.

The proprietary 7 pheromone formula is what really makes Chikara Cologne stand out from the crowd.  It contains 3 pheromones which are widely used in the most popular and successful pheromone products and 4 other secret pheromones.  This creates what is called in the pheromone business a balanced product.  What this means is that while it is formulated to for men to attract women, it doesn’t give off too aggressive a vibe.  It makes you attractive and approachable and doesn’t cause other men to want to fight you or women to be afraid of you.  A balanced pheromone formula like this offers the best of what pheromones have to give.

7 Different Pheromones

It contains a well-balanced formula of seven different sex pheromones, including the standard androsteNONE, androsteNOL, and androsteRONE, combined with a pleasing scent. This cologne has become a popular choice, especially because of the exotic scent that women seem to enjoy on men.

One of the great things is that women of all ages can be attracted with this cologne. It offers a spicy, exotic aroma that women adore helping you break the ice. The majority of consumer reviews have been possible. The only real concern we had about this product is that four out of the total seven pheromones happen to be proprietary making us wonder what they actually do.

A total of seven different pheromones included. However, only three of the pheromones are named. Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone are all included in the product.


This is often combined with other pheromones to boost their effects. By itself, it creates a masculine alpha male image without the aggression associated with androstenone. This pheromone also signals protection and reliability. In women it elevates mood.

First Impressions

I decided to try Chikara Cologne to see how effective it really is. The first thing I noticed upon opening the bottle is the exotic scent.

What good is it to wear pheromones if it smells like a cheap cologne? Fortunately, Chikara offers a scent that is exotic and a bit sweet. Each time I wore this cologne women commented me on the scent. It only takes a bit of the product to get results as well, which means that the bottle lasts a long time.

When trying it out, just a few dabs worked wonderfully.  At the club, I had women approaching me and flirting with me all night long, which made Chikara Cologne a great investment in my opinion.

At The Club

So I’m at this party, organized by friends of friends. It’s in the main park between the trees here in my city, and we’re having a table with some of my good friends and friends of friends. The atmosphere is really nice, there’s a lot of really cute girls, a lot of alcohol and the music is very good. I decided to apply Chikara a half-hour before I arrived.

The night before we went to the poshest club in town, dabbed some Chikara on my wrists and neck. The girls there were stunning. I made out with one girl and got two girls’ phone number. I didn’t have to work so hard to warm them up as they seemed to notice me more which made me feel good.

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The hits I got wearing Chikara were pretty good and I got several compliments on how good I smelled which is always nice to hear.

I Saw A Cute Girl With Glasses

I approached a few other girls with my friends, but I saw a cute girl with dark hair and glasses. I HAD to speak with her, I just didn’t know when and how. Normally, I would be a little bit shy approaching a girl I was really attracted to. With Chikara, my reluctance was gone. I felt confident having already scored a few hits the night before.

I don’t remember what I said, but I stopped her. We started chatting. We talked for 10 minutes or so before she asked mine for MY number, which was a complete surprise.

Overall Effects

So what are the effects of it? Let’s do a quick check and remind ourselves why we’re wanting a pheromone scent in the first place. You want to be more confident, more approachable, and generally, have more luck with women. Right? Of course, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. Let me say that Chikara has you covered on all three bases and more.

But this is what you’re here for: What does it do for the LADIES? Yeah yeah, you can feel on top of the world, but if it’s not helping out your game, you might as well come off the mountain. I know that. Honestly, the results with Chikara were crazy. Women were approaching me and starting up a conversation without me doing anything at all! It seemed like they were all going out of their way to walk by my desk just to say hi or something. And this was just at work!

Understanding how these pheromones work to attract the opposite sex requires an understanding of how they work in nature. Most animals on this planet use pheromones to communicate in some way or another. There are used for all manner of things and in many ways. For example, some insect will spray pheromones to warn of danger or to let others know of a food source. Other animals will secrete a specific pheromone only during their breeding period. Dogs use pheromones in their urine to mark territory, you may not believe it but a dog senses a wealth of information from over 100 different types of pheromones.


Where we can use pheromones to our own advantage is by helping us appear more attractive to men or women, depending on the attract pheromone used. For men, there are 3 main pheromones that help them come across as more masculine or caring or manly depending on the pheromone used. There also exist pheromones that attract men that make women appear more attractive.

However, using pheromones to attract the opposite sex will not seal the deal without a little elbow grease from yourself. Human relationships are far more complex than that of animals and the pheromones will only act as an aid. The final result will depend on how well you play your game.

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