When it comes to this sort of product there has been a steady increase in interest and demand as many are under the impression that one spray from something like CP 28 and they will be attracting women for miles.  What man does not want that for his reality?  But does this product do what it promises?

Is it at all effective in attracting members of the fairer sex?  According to the manufacturers this product most definitely does work.  In order to determine the validity of their position one has to test the product out in the real world.


Of course the precise mixture that is used in the production of this spray is a closely guarded secret but is known is that it is a blend of Androstenone and other pheromone compounds.

This blend is in fact very weak and the result is a product that does not consistently and effectively produce the results that the manufacturers claim it will.

Most men who have tried this product report that it really did not do much for them at all.

One good point they all seemed to notice and comment on was the fact that the odor was not very unpleasant but this is due in large to the fact that it is so weak.

Retailing at a very cheap price this is one product where the age old adage that says:  You get what you pay for is certainly applicable.

First Impressions

Wearing this pheromone and expecting any positive or noticeable results is going to result in disappointment.  It just does not deliver on its promises at all.  Considering that it is marketed as a product guaranteed to attract the opposite sex is in fact misleading and some might say just plain untrue.

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Some users have reported mixed results with some men claiming that it did work in varying degrees.  What must be remembered however is that the majority of men who have tested this product reported no noticeable results and found the product to be disappointing.

Some women who were questioned regarding whether they had found the men wearing CP28 Pheromone Spray more attractive said that they did notice an effect in those men they had not been attracted to did seem more attractive to them.

Is It Worth It?

But it is worthwhile noting that none said that the effect had been decisive and in fact many responded by saying they had experienced a far greater attraction when the men used a different pheromone product.

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