Pheromone colognes gained a lot of popularity because of the ability to facilitate romantic interactions. These products, however, are yet to be fully understood. Various misunderstandings are still prevalent, especially the ones about gay pheromones.

Do gay pheromones exist and are they capable of delivering the expected results? Several studies were carried out to test their efficiency and to determine the role that pheromones play for the attraction between homosexual individuals.

The Basics
Pheromones are chemicals secreted naturally by the human body. They are mainly found in sweat. An organ located in the nose is responsible for the detection of pheromones. The vemeronasal (VNO) organ sends the signals to the brain where they are decoded and translated into sexual response.

Both women and men secrete pheromones. The quantities are very small, which means that they are difficult to detect. Bathing and the usage of cosmetic products diminish the power of pheromones even further. Pheromone perfumes were created to increase one’s chances of attracting a sexual partner or a significant other.

Gay Pheromones
Do pheromones work for gay men or are they strictly limited to the male-female attraction?

Several studies were carried out to discover that the brain of gay men perceives these chemical signals in a manner that is very different from the heterosexual perception. The brain decoded pheromones in a manner similar to the female response.

Gay pheromones are a separate line of products designed to help men attract other men. These are available in scented varieties and in fragrance-free formulas. The market is seeing some diversification and you will certainly discover at least one perfume that corresponds to your individual preferences and style.

Scientific Evidence
As already mentioned, several studies were carried out to determine the manner in which gay men respond to pheromones. The results are quite interesting and demonstrating the different manners in which the male brain responds to such stimuli.

The studies prove several important claims. The first one is that biology is involved in sexuality and sexual orientation is intrinsic. Gay men responded to male pheromones just like women would do, which signifies that homosexuality is a matter of nature rather than nurture.

Additionally, the study proves that pheromones affect sexual attraction. Scientists had been wondering about the efficiency of pheromones for many years without being capable of reaching a conclusion.

The results were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Experts from Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute exposed heterosexual men, women and gay men to the same male and female pheromones.

All of the individuals involved in the experiment responded identically to everyday scents like the aroma of flowers. The response to pheromones, however, was highly specific.

PET scans showed that portions of the brain responsible for sexuality were triggered in women and gay men after exposure to male pheromones. Female pheromones provoked response solely from the heterosexual men.

Scientific evidence is proving the power of chemical signals and the role they play in human sexuality. Both heterosexual and gay individuals respond to these stimuli. Gay pheromones are gaining popularity and helping many men discover an intimate partner. The quality of the products and the pheromones used are important for success. To maximize satisfaction with the outcome, always do your homework in advance and shop around.