How Pheromones Work

How Pheromones Work

Pheromones are chemicals that the body naturally produces and they create an attraction by telling others when they are ready to mate. Fluids, like sweat, cause the release of pheromones. At one point, it was thought that this only occurred in other animals, but studies have shown that humans release sexy hormones in their sweat as well.

Androstadienone – What is It?

Most sex pheromones happen to include a specific chemical known as Androstadieone which is found in male sweat. Some studies show that this chemical may be able to change the endocrine balance in women, which leads to attraction to male releasing the chemical. When human sweat is present, certain areas of the brain respond sexually according to specific studies.

How They Work

The survival of the human race is based upon mating of the species and procreation. Some believe it is instinct while others feel it is divine intervention. Either way, pheromones seem to a prevalent topic when it comes to the mating of humans. The Vomeronasal Organ, known as the VMO, has to be present to detect hormones or pheromones. This is an organ that is in the nasal cavity and it allows people to pick up the odorless pheromones.

Once the VNO picks up the chemicals, signals are sent to the brain, which sorts the signals and then sends them on to the area of the brain responsible for emotions. They can be sent to the hypothalamus as well. A response from the body then occurs, depending on the chemical compound, which can lead to automatic emotional, metabolic, or physical reactions.

Research and Studies

The first pheromone was discovered in 1953. It is put off by the female moth and known as bombykol. This shows they are ready to mate and it can travel huge distances. Of course, the pheromone system in mammals is more difficult to understand. Pheromones in mammals are detected by the VNO, which connects with the hypothalamus.

After discovering the pheromone in moths, scientists came up with the theory that humans also had a system for pheromones. In the 1970s, it was discovered by Martha McClintock that women living near each other often synced their menstrual cycles over time. She discovered that a pheromone caused this to happen. Then, in 1974, Dr. George Dodd would discover the first human sex hormone, known as alpha-androstenol.

While humans are classified as mammals, no one is sure if the VNA detects all the pheromones or if the olfactory membranes have something to do with it. However, studies have shown that humans don’t have to consciously smell the pheromones . However, pheromones available commercial at high levels do have an odor.

Human Pheromones

Commercial human pheromones work with attraction, which is a specific part of interaction in humans. Of course, pheromones can play other roles as well, including the bonding that occurs between an infant and his mother. Pheromone products are taken from the sexy hormone pheromone family. Every one has these pheromones, but the amount they have can vary.

Certain pheromones are unique to the individual. Pheromones are naturally secreted onto your skin by the apocrine glands. These glands are located in public hair and in the armpits. Since hair is present, it helps to disperse the chemicals when they are released. Both sexes have the Luteinizing hormone, which can be raised by androstenol. It also can raise levels of testosterone, explaining the attraction that often occurs.

Pheromone products usually include the following pheromones in them:

1 – Androstenone – This pheromone signals dominance and aggression. While it is associated with a sexual response, that isn’t the only purpose of this pheromone.

2 – Androsterone – Androsterone brings out feelings of masculinity and protection, which causes the Alpha Male instinct.

3 – Androsenol – This is a pheromone that results in friendliness. It can make people feel relaxed and friendly, leading to conversations between people.

4 – Copulins – Copulins are chemicals that the woman’s vagina secretes when they are ovulating. It combines fatty acids and biological molecules and is meant to result in copulation. When men smell copulins on women, they usually view her as more attractive.

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