How To Be Attractive To Men

How To Be Attractive To Men
by Terrence Michaels

Being attractive to men goes further than the physical aspects, but in all honesty, this is where it starts. A woman needs to take care of herself, not just for a man, but also for herself and her own health. Being at a reasonably healthy weight and well groomed is important.

There is something nice to be said about most everyone. Just about everyone has something special about the way that they look that will draw others to you. It could be your eyes, which is high on the list or maybe you have a nice figure. Play up your best feature and you will likely catch the interest of a man.

Do not over do anything. Be neat, clean, but do not be excessive. Natural looks, natural personality is key. Wear makeup if you like to play up your best assets, but do not pile it on. Wear attractive clothing, but do not dress trashy. Keep yourself fit, but not too thin.

Because looks are not everything, you need to have a good personality. Being kind, loving, compassionate to others, honest are the most qualities that a woman can possess. Do not talk incessantly and especially not about yourself. Let him talk too. Be respectful, show him that you are a confident woman, and secure about yourself. Do not act as if you cannot do anything. Actresses are not attractive. Have your own hobbies and interests that you enjoy, but make time for him.

Being just a pretty face may get boring so you have to be a good conversationalist too. There is a place and time where seriousness needs to be present, but you need to be playful and fun too. Make your man laugh. Being able to laugh with someone is very refreshing and nice to be around.

Your appearance and personality are not the only things that men find attractive in a woman, but how a woman smells. Smelling good will lure him in. Most woman love to smell good, as do most men. Find a pleasant scent that you like yourself. Perfume smells different on everyone so you will need to experiment. Ask others for their opinion. Applying pheromones to your body will more than likely bring a man into your arms. Apply this to your neck, wrists and behind your ears for the best results. Wearing pheromones will increase a man’s desire to be around you. It is arousing to the senses and somewhat stimulating. Sparking his interest, he will want to get closer to you.

Your Prince Charming is out there. Be patient and relax. Work on your outside appearance, but more importantly cultivate the you inside. Do not be a fake or a phoney. He will be more fascinated with the person that you really are.

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