Every guy wants to be able to attract women “just like that,” and pheromone marketers claim to do just that. Some thermal products on the market may indeed be effective, but which are, and which aren’t? Here’s a review of Icebreaker Pheromones, manufactured by Ascent Research Group.


The product claims to have eight sex and social pheromones that draw more attention to you from the opposite sex.

As the theory goes, with more attention comes more flirting, and perhaps more attraction and even sexual activity.

The product contains the following pheromones:


Androstenone makes women sexually aroused


Androstanone can further incite women to feel “sexual” if they’re having promiscuous conversation with you already. Androsterone helps women feel trustful toward potential partners


Androstenol (α & β) increases social comfort, both for you toward other people, and for them toward you. It also makes you less inhibited, and vice versa.


Dehydroisoandrosterone is an enhancer, in that it can make each of the pheromones in the product more powerful.


Epoxyestratrienol soothes women, especially during ovulation, when they can be more irritable


Once the androstenes begin to wear off, the tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone begins to kick in, within a few minutes

Oxytocin analog

It works similarly to androsterone come in that it helps feelings of trust and “bonding” to develop, both between you and a potential partner, and vice versa/

Icebreaker Pheromone works just like other colognes or perfumes, in that you simply spray three to four sprays on your body. The scent lasts for about 12 hours.

First Impressions

The manufacturer claims that this will make women pay more attention to you, and that further, it will actually entice women to give you kisses, hugs, winks, smiles, and touches. They’ll initiate longer conversations, and your opportunity for getting dates with them increases dramatically. Men, too, find you more “attractive,” not in a sexual sense, but in that it seems to give you more authority with them.

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In turn, this is supposed to increase your confidence and give you better self-esteem. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll notice, according to the manufacturer, that you and your partner will have a stronger connection and experience greater intimacy. Sexual activity, too, is heightened, as is pleasure during sexual activity. And you can have all of this for just $49.95.

The product itself doesn’t seem to do much of anything. Instead, when men use Icebreaker Pheromone, it may induce a kind of psychological benefit in that because men think they’ll be more attractive to women, will draw women to them, will get more smiles, winks, hugs, and so on, they’re more excited and feel more confident.

This, in turn may in fact draw women’s attention — but it’s not the product doing it, it’s the psychological impact of men thinking that the project is working. Because men think the product is working, they feel better about themselves, more confident, and are therefore more attractive to women.

Is It Worth It?

You CAN use this product and may even see some success from it, but remember, it’s not the product itself that’s doing it. In other words, you may see an initial slight benefit from it, but it will wear off as your confidence in the product wears off.

If you really must wear a product to give yourself a pheromone boost and therefore more confidence, choose something less expensive for the same effect. Do some research on other pheromone products out there, and choose a less expensive one to try.

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