Losing Virginity at Age 25

I lost my virginity at 25. A week before I was doing some breathing exercises which made me much more relaxed and brave. It was one day after the New Year and I thought that it would be nice to start the year not being a virgin. At that time I was hooked on the idea to be spontaneous. On second January I went to a hooker and we fucked. That was an interesting experience. One small apartment, 1 room, 1 kitchen. Somebody was fucking in the bedroom, other 2 girls with myself were waiting in the kitchen. Fuck romanticism! It’s not important to have any kind of connection. Don’t be so serious about your first… even your first 10 times. Throw away your expectations. There is a high probability it won’t be magical. I don’t like sex yet. And I fucked a few times. I’m just starting to feel the hype.

In the beginning it’s better to use every opportunity to fuck, to gain experience. Just listen to yourself, not that pussy who is afraid to step out of his comfort zone. Time comes and you understand you can’t hide anymore. Don’t run the first moment you feel fear. Embrace it. Relax. Do what you have to do.

Getting it ‘done’ now will start a positive momentum for future times, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll start to get better and better at  sex, but that process wont ever begin until you start fucking a bit. What girl would want a relationship with you if the first few times are terrible, even if you are a cool guy, you need to bring the goods in the bedroom as well. One thing that helped me break the ice was wearing a good pheromone. http://pheromones-planet.com/pherazone

And please don’t ‘wait for a relationship’ before having sex, that’s a terrible idea.

This is how I explain it subtly to women I date. in laymen’s “I wont even think about the possibility of actually dating/committing to you until I’ve fucked you so many times that you prove to me your sex game is good enough to keep me around for a while”

Read some sex material on the site, David shade, Daniel rose, whatever, and when your fucking, push your boundaries, try AS MANY different things/techniques as you can (i.e.) fingering the g-spot, the deep spot, getting one finger in her anus while fingering her pussy, play with her clit, fuck her doggy, get her on top, get used to having a few awkward pounds until you both sync up your rhythm etc. etc., get your fingers in her mouth, start choking her a little bit, pull her hair.

The list goes on, but the quicker you start doing these kind of things, the better your going to calibrate yourself for future sex, and the MUCH FUCKING quicker your sex game is going to go from ‘clueless virgin’ to ‘stud’  <<< and its not like you have to have had particularly much sex to get to this stage, as long as you keep trying and persisting with new things, you’ll see what works and when to do it quite quickly.

Oh, and also have fun yourself, bust 2 or 3 nuts the first night, and make sure you bust at least another the next morning. She is obviously very experienced, and wants you to have a good first time, and knows how to make that happen too. That is a lot better than most first timers get. She’ll probably also be willing to provide feedback, and make it enjoyable for you, even if you are a terrible fuck (not saying that you are). That is a luxury that rarely will be available in the future. Milk this opportunity.

My first time was kind of sweet I guess…. she was a 5-6 (PLEASE fucking note that I said ‘A’ 5-6) and said ‘I want your first time to be special’ and that, to her, meant bareback and cumming inside of her, which I did merrily. The next day was another new experience for me… a trip to the chemist to take the morning-after horse-pill, to kill whatever baby I might have just put inside her. Which funnily enough led to another new experience for me; a trip to the clinic to get diagnosed with chlamydia. Sadly not for the last time.

If my first time were with a curvy big-titted BDSM’er who cared about me enough to initiate me into the world of fuckery…. mate.

Stop jerking off until you see her. I’m not joking, get yourself into fucking bull fuck mode, call her up and put something in place!

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