In this article, I review the best pheromones for 2018. Pheromones are chemicals secreted by the opposite sex to influence behavior. They are most known for their ability to increase sexual attraction.

Why Am I Conducting My Own Pheromone Reviews?

The reason is simple, I wanted to find pheromones that work. With so many pheromones flooding the market, it can be hard to decide which ones work, without extensively testing them for yourself. Luckily, I have tried a lot of good and bad products have filtered down my choices to the ones that really make a difference.

Best Pheromones of 2018

Pherazone – This is my favorite pheromone to use because it’s given me the most consistent and amazing results. With the highest concentration of pheromones on market and a fragrance that drives women crazy it’s no surprise it works.

Pherazone Ultra

Pherazone, one of the best-selling and most concentrated pheromones available, it’s only available online. Launched in 2010, Pherazone quickly became popular with its unrivaled pheromone power and alluring fragrance.

Pherazone Review

The girl that I met last night was definitely sexually on a different level than me. I talked to a few of the girls (or rather they started speaking to me), and as soon as one realized I speak Russian some others were pleasantly surprised too. But there was one girl, and she was really the hottest one, that I haven’t really spoken too.

A Powerful Sex Pheromone

Normally, I would be too scared to talk to her because she was so hot but luckily I felt much more confident wearing Pherazone and confidence is key when attracting women. She spent all that time just talking with her girlfriends and not talking to any guys. I could tell every guy thought she was a 10 out of 10 but was too scared to talk to her.

At some point, our whole entourage went to another, much bigger, party (that was related to the conference) on another floor of the hotel in a beautiful garden with pool. Before that, we took the elevator to the hotel room where all the girls left their handbags, etc.

On the way to that room, she gave me the intense eyes …I knew she was being influenced by my pheromone spray because she had come on to me strongly.  Then, and I have no idea if she did that on purpose, she said something to me while looking at me and looked away towards the end of her sentence.


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Concentration: 72 mg per fluid ounce
Application: Everyday usage. Sex and Dating.
Official Site:

Nexus Pheromones

Initially, I had heard about its power of controlling the minds but was quite skeptical. But, when other products didn’t work, I thought of giving it a try. And viola! The results were more than I had expected. There was a splurge in the number of people who were approaching me – and this I am telling about my office! The dating scene was on fire. There were more smiles and flirting.

The verdict remains clear, for $49.95 a bottle, Nexus Pheromone is a good buy that can satiate your lascivious requirements.  Further, there are several packages offers that give you many perks as your buy increases. Secondly, 3-4 sprays can actually cater to the 8-hour erotic ring that will make girls fall for you.

Another advantage is that using your regular cologne or deodorant can easily mask your usage of Nexus Pheromone. If by any chance, you are dissatisfied with the product, return it within 67 (60 days usage plus 7 days shipping time) and claim 100% of what you paid to get the product.


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Concentration: N/A
Application: Dating. Pick-Up. Sex
Official Site:

Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones

LIIK (License to Kill) is one of the newest pheromones for men by Alpha Dream. It features a new and improved formula that is refined towards comfort and sociability. Perfect for those who tend to be a bit on the shy side, LIIK boost confidence and sexual masculinity. Available in a scented formula, it can be best described as masculine and fresh. It comes in a variety of fragrances which include:

Black Spice: Spicy and earthy, citrusy notes and an unusual olive flower heart, warming up to exotic wood of Guaiac (Lignum Vitae) and the sweetness of tonka beans, cut hay, and caramel, sexy and cool. Nighttime Scent.

Sandalwood Musk: Aromatic spice and wood with top notes of lemon, clary sage, lavender, tarragon in the base of cedar, tonk a bean, deep rich sandalwood musk. Rugged straightforward, and all man. A perfect daytime scent and their second most popular fragrance for men.

Field Report: Sexual-attraction is the most common type you experience using LIIK perhaps along with “challenge-factor” attraction? … oh and how can I forget ROMANTIC attraction, that one is pretty standard too. In basic terms, a girl feeling attraction for you is how much you appeal to her in these regards…

Concentration: 27 mg per fluid ounce
Application: Seduction. Clubbing.
Official Site:

New Pheromone Additive

When compared to other pheromones, NPA is the top pheromone for sexual attraction. Other pheromone manufacturers produce formulas that don’t intimidate women; however, NPA manufacturers do the exact opposite.

Honestly, most men can’t use NPA unless it is combined with another pheromone. The average woman feels too aroused when exposed to NPA. You should only use it on women that you already know and date. When wearing NPA, only a couple of women will be attracted to you. Unfortunately, the vibe that you give off is too powerful. So, this scares a lot of women.

A majority of pheromone users like to play around with and mix various pheromones. This is why NPA is considered to be a mixer product. It is used to bring out the power of other pheromones.

Keep in mind that Love-Scent created a version of this formula that is sold in a blue bottle. At first, NPA was a formula that was outsourced to LaCroy because the original manufacturer had problems with shipping and customers. However, these are basically the same products. The only difference is that the version sold in the United States is oil based. Also, many reviews of this Love-Scent version state that it is well rounded and not as aggressive as NPA.

Concentration: 10.5 mg per fluid ounce
Application: Dating. Pick-Up.
Official Site:

Aqua Vitae

This product really gives you a chance to beat your competition. Playboys usually know how to seduce women, and if you use AV, you need to learn how to compete with the top dogs. The one good thing about using AV is that you’ll probably be one of the few men who know how to properly seduce women. So, use this secret weapon to your benefit.

As a beginner, use one to two drops. Once you get used to wearing the Aqua Vitae, you’ll start feeling better about yourself. This great feel comes naturally. As a tip, consider buying a bulb dropper with this product.

Aqua Vitae is a good product to blend with other softer pheromones, which works wonderfully on women who like romance. AV doesn’t work well with pheromones that are alpha/sexual based, but it blends well with products such as Swoon, Grail of Affection and XiSt.

It is possible to use just androstadienone with AV, but it won’t attract as many women. But when combined with romantic pheromones, it can hype romantic feelings and attachment.

What can you expect from Aqua Vitae? This product will give you more confidence, charm and make you the life of the party. Amazingly, it will help you build life-changing relationships with hot women and the men that you want to bond with. Why is this a good thing? How you behave will dictate the types of friends that you make. When you travel with a good group of friends, you are basically a good person also.

Alpha 7 Scented

Alpha 7 can do wonders. It has the highest androstenone concentration that I know of. It works very well which is what matters more. Alpha 7 is definitely worth it.  It doesn’t have as many negative reactions from women as pure androstenone products. Definitely one of the best pheromones.

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Chikara has 10mg of pheromone content in one bottle. It lasts for a long time and it has lots of forum plus customer credibility and feedback. It is a great bang for your buck in terms of pheromone content. One of the best pheromones for men in the market.

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Alter Ego

I do not recommend this if you are in the early 20s but if you are in your 30s, this is a must-have. I don’t even understand why it works better on older men. Men in their 30s usually attract younger women with this product rather than the same age or older women.

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Scent of Eros

Scent Of Eros is one of the leading pheromone products out on the market. It is very high in androsterone and has a little bit of androstenol. A great pheromone product for intimacy, flirting and being close with women. Definitely one of the best pheromones for men products in the market.

How to Choose the Best Pheromones

Well after months of extensive, costly research, we have been working hard to show our results and expose the fraudsters who would rather take your money and have you buy pheromones which are synthetically engineered, meaning that they are completely fake and will not attract a thing. Not only have we achieved our goal, we have smashed through it by testing all of the top products in every which way possible, by this we mean testing them for a fairly long period of time in clubs, bars, open places like the park, cinema, shopping centres, you name it… we tried it!

We sat down one night and thought of the best way to conduct this research and within about 10 minutes of solid brainstorming, we came up with a series of ideas to get the point across and fully test each product, so this is how we will conclude the results:

Overall Product Rating

We will give a very honest and genuine rating for the product out of 5 stars including what the rating is made up of. The rating will be made up of 5 independent reviews and also the pros and cons of the product itself.

  • Duration – How long we think the pheromone lasted against the manufacturers given time.
  • Ease of Use – How easy the pheromone was to use or apply
  • Effectiveness – Did it work? If so were there enough satisfactory results?
  • Price – A massive factor, was it worth the money?
  • Value for money – Did we receive enough product for our money?
  • Company Feedback

When we find a pheromone that actually works we will be awarding our very own seal of approval to the manufacturer or company selling the product, this award is to prove to customers that it is a genuine product and that it does work.

Does Concentration Matter?

If you’re looking for results it is important to find a product that has the highest concentration of pheromones. Please see the graph below… If your still not convinced that humans are strongly influenced by pheromones then should you take a peek at some of these human pheromone studies.

does pheromone concentration matter

There are 2 other important factors to consider if you are looking for a pheromone cologne that is going to work for you. 1. Pheromone Concentration, 2. Fragrance. Rather than choosing an unusual fragrance we strongly recommend that you go with a popular fragrance that’s already known to be desirable by women.

Boosting Your Game With Pheromone Colognes

For a long time, there was not much one could do to change our pheromone levels or make them more active. People don’t get more pheromones when they bathe more or less… they just occur naturally as a biological process. Fortunately, there are now pheromone colognes available on the market that anyone can use to get a little extra edge in the game of seduction. If you’ve always wished there was some kind of love potion that you could use to stir the emotion of members of the opposite sex, wearing pheromone might just be the best alternative.

There’s no reason to feel down because you don’t feel like you get enough attention from the opposite sex. Now, there is something you can do to change your luck… and it can be as simple as using the right scents. Try getting a good pheromone cologne and you won’t be disappointed; it obviously won’t make every woman or man you come across fall head over heels just by catching your aroma.

Although in some cases, it will actually make certain ladies or men get drawn to you, that’s a matter of individual responsibility. In all circumstance, wearing pheromone colognes will make you feel like your game is definitely on, as you realize that most people you talk with are noticeably more receptive to your approach.


Now, there’s a vast amount of research on pheromones that proves virtually every animal on the planet is strongly influenced by them, especially when it comes to attracting a mate. For the same reason, pheromones are now used extensively and very effectively to attract animals for hunting and trapping.

If you are on the hunt for a new mate or just want to awaken the animal in your partner this is where chemistry and pheromones can give you the edge you have been looking for.