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Can pheromones make you irresistible? We’re all familiar when a dog is in heat and attracts all the male dogs in the neighborhood, That’s the work of pheromones. Now there’s a vast amount of evidence that proves virtually every animal on the planet is strongly influenced by pheromones, especially when it come to attracting a mate. For the same reason, pheromones are now used extensively and very effectively to attract animals for hunting and trapping. So if you are on the hunt for a new mate or just want to awaken the animal in your partner let chemistry and pheromones give you the edge you have been looking for.

What Are The Best Pheromones For Men?

#1. Pherazone, one of the best-selling and most concentrated pheromone brands on the market, is sold all over the world and only available online. First launched in 2010, Pherazone quickly became popular with its unrivaled pheromone concentration and unique fragrance.

Field Report:

I went to a conference in Bangkok last week. It was a conference very related to what I do in my business. 98% of attendees at these conferences are men. The other 2% are women that work for a company that exhibits at the conference. This was the perfect environment for me to test my bottle of Pherazone.

The girl that I met last night was definitely sexually on a different level than me. I talked to a few of the girls (or rather they started speaking to me), and as soon as one realised I speak Russian some others were pleasantly surprised too. But there was one girl, and she was really the hottest one, that I haven’t really spoken too. Normally, I would be too scared to talk to her because she was so hot but luckily I felt much more confident wearing Pherazone and confidence is key when attracting women. She spent all that time just talking with her girlfriends and not talking to any guys. I could tell every guy thought she was a 10 out of 10, but was too scared to talk to her. At some point our whole entourage went to another, much bigger, party (that was related to the conference) on another floor of the hotel in a beautiful garden with pool. Before that we took the elevator to the hotel room where all the girls left their handbags, etc.

On the way to that room, she gave me the intense eyes …I knew she was being influenced by my pheromone spray because she had come on to me strongly.  Then, and I have no idea if she did that on purpose, she said something to me while looking at me and looked away towards the end of her sentence. It all happened so fast that when I said “What did you say?” she said “I wasn’t saying anything to you”. It happened at least 2 or 3 times. We spent most of the time at the party together.

When my friend was gone, we were just talking quickly about this whole relationship thing (she had something like a boyfriend also). I decided to ignore this whole conversation. I just asked if she had any more alcohol and condoms. She didn’t, so she told me where the store is, gave me her keys and I went. She didn’t join because she didn’t want the lady at the convenience store to see there are different guys visiting her. Especially because she had a boyfriend.

I bought the condoms (the 52.5mm ones, as dicks in South East Asia are a bit smaller and they didn’t have the bigger ones) and I bought whiskey. When I came back she poured the whiskey into glasses, be drank a bit and got undressed. She really fucked me like I’ve seen it from professional women.

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Concentration: 72 mg per fluid ounce

Works best for: Everyday usage. All occasions.

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Types of Pheromones

Pheromone Effect
Androstenone Increases Sexual Tension
Androsterone Makes user appear more masculine
Alpha-Androstenol Makes wearer less intimidating
Beta-Androstenol Increase feelings of friendliness and comfort
Beta-Epi-Androstenol Increases Intimacy
Androstadienone Elevates womens mood
Androstadienol Used to break the ice, increase sexual attraction


Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones

#2. LIIK (License to Kill) is one of the newest pheromones for men by Alpha Dream. It features a new and improved formula that is refined towards comfort and sociability. Perfect for those who tend to be a bit on the shy side, LIIK boost confidence and sexual masculinity. Available in a scented formula, it can be best described as masculine and fresh. It comes in a variety of fragrances which include:

Black Spice: Spicy and earthy, citrusy notes and an unusual olive flower heart, warming up to exotic wood of Guaiac (Lignum Vitae) and the sweetness of tonka beans, cut hay, and caramel, sexy and cool. Nighttime Scent.

Sandalwood Musk: Aromatic spice and wood with top notes of lemon, clary sage, lavender, tarragon in  base of cedar, tonk a bean, deep rich sandalwood musk. Rugged straight forward, and all man. A perfect daytime scent and their second most popular fragrance for men.

Field Report: Sexual-attraction is the most common type you experience using LIIK perhaps along with “challenge-factor” attraction? … oh and how can I forget ROMANTIC attraction, that one is pretty standard too. In basic terms, a girl feeling attraction for you, is how much you appeal to her in these regards…


Concentration: 27 mg per fluid ounce

Works best for: Seduction. Clubbing.

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Does Concentration Matter?

If you’re looking for results it is important to find a product that has the highest concentration of pheromones. Please see the graph below… If your still not convinced that humans are strongly influenced by pheromones then should you take a peek at some of these studies.

does pheromone concentration matter


There are 2 other important factors to consider if you are looking for a pheromone cologne that is going to work for you. 1. Pheromone Concentration, 2. Fragrance. Rather than choosing an unusual fragrance I strongly recommend that you go with a popular fragrance that’s already know to be desirable by women.

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