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1. 18mg 6 hours 9.4/10
Read Review $89.95
2. 13.5mg 4-6 hours 8.5/10 Read Review $49.50
3. 10mg 4-6 hours 8.2/10 Read Review $69.95
4. N/A 17mg 4-6 hours 8.1/10 Read Review $98.50
5. N/A N/A 4-6 hours 8.0/10 Read Review $59.95

Imagine if you could attract the most beautiful women with a simple little spray that subconsciously increases attraction and desire without the other person even realizing it? Is this even possible? Pheromones have received massive media exposure due to recent studies that confirm their pivotal role in dating, mate selection, and natural attraction in humans. Above is a comparison of our highest rated pheromones.

Increase Your Success With Women

With celebrities including Paris Hilton using pheromones in their fragrance lines it’s no wonder they are hotter than ever. Unfortunately, not all pheromones are created equal. The effectiveness of pheromones is relative to the concentration used. The rule of thumb states the higher the concentration, the greater the results.

Pheromones Planet is an interactive peer driven website that rates the leading pheromones on the market. Pheromone evaluations are based on concentration, scent, user feedback,  lasting power and price. New pheromones are being constantly added.

The survival of the human race is based upon mating of the species and procreation. Some believe it is instinct while others feel it is divine intervention. Either way, pheromones seem to a prevalent topic when it comes to the mating of humans. The Vomeronasal Organ, known as the VMO, has to be present to detect hormones or pheromones. This is an organ that is in the nasal cavity and it allows people to pick up the odorless pheromones.

Once the VNO picks up the chemicals, signals are sent to the brain, which sorts the signals and then sends them on to the area of the brain responsible for emotions. They can be sent to the hypothalamus as well. A response from the body then occurs, depending on the chemical compound, which can lead to automatic emotional, metabolic, or physical reactions.

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