Top Pheromones For Men 2016

Can pheromones make you irresistible? We’re all familiar when a dog is in heat and attracts all the male dogs in the neighborhood, That’s the work of pheromones. Now there’s a vast amount of evidence that proves virtually every animal on the planet is strongly influenced by pheromones, especially when it come to attracting a mate. For the same reason, pheromones are now used extensively and very effectively to attract animals for hunting and trapping. So if you are on the hunt for a new mate or just want to awaken the animal in your partner let chemistry and pheromones give you the edge you have been looking for.

Score Product FDA Lab Certified Guarantee Mg/fl.oz Pheromones Duration Smells like Review Best Price
1. PHERAZONE 36mg 7 6 hrs Acqua di Gio READ $89.95
2. CHIKARA N/A 21mg 7 4 hrs Dolce Gabanna READ $69.95
3. ALPHA 7 N/A 21mg 2 4 hrs Axe  READ $59.95
4. EROS N/A 15mg 1 4 hrs Fresh READ $49.95
5. PRIMAL N/A 15mg 1 4 hrs Musky READ $69.95

There are 2 other important factors to consider if you are looking for a pheromone cologne that is going to work for you. 1. Pheromone Concentration, 2. Fragrance.

Does Pheromone Concentration Matter?

does pheromone concentration matter

If you’re looking for results it is important to find a product that has the highest concentration of pheromones.

Rather than choosing an unusual fragrance we strongly recommend that you go with a popular fragrance that’s already know to be desirable by women. Please see the graph above… If your still not convinced that humans are strongly influenced by pheromones then should you take a peek at some of these studies and tests.

The Benefits of Pheromones

The results of a study published on WebMD showed that pheromone users experienced the following:

  • More dates
  • Greater intimacy
  • More confidence towards the opposite sex
  • More foreplay
  • More sex

Types of Pheromones

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 7.05.48 AM

How They Work

The real attraction is triggered from a chemical response in pheromones and not from a specific scent. Pheromones are detected by vomeronasal organs, commonly known as VNOs which are located in the nasal passage. When the VNO detects a signal from pheromones this information is transmitted to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls emotion and sexual activity.  

Recent studies have proven that people exposed to human pheromones feel an instinctive powerful attraction not knowing why. A recent study out of Australia claims that 90% of men using pheromones increase their attractiveness to women.

Fragrance Scents

Fragrance notes are scent compounds used to make up the perfume or cologne, and can range from flower to synthetically created molecules. These are usually grouped into the key fragrance families below:

  • Floral – Scent produced by flowers such as roses, lavender, jasmine etc
  • Oriental – Scent produced by spices such as cinnamon, resins etc
  • Woody – Scent produced by wood such as sandalwood, oakwood etc
  • Fresh – A combination of scent produced by fruits, herbs and marine or aquatic scents
  • Aquatic/Water Notes – Refers to the smell of ocean breeze that is a blend of fresh, dewy, and salty air.
  • Musk – Refers to glandular secretions of the male musk deer which smells sensual, warm, rich, deep and slightly animalic.


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