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Interested in Nexus? While you have probably seen the amazing claims they make on their site, does it actually work? You may be wondering if this product will really provide you with great results.


Nexus Pheromones is operated by parent company Leading Edge Health. They have been in business since online 2002 and offer a wide array of sexual health products. One of the components used in their product is Androstenone – a powerful pheromone that increases attraction between men and women. Each bottle contains 15 mg of pheromones. The directions on the back of the bottle instruct you to apply the product on pulse points, which is easily done with a simple spray.


According to the company, Nexus is supposed to last for about 8-10 hours. This is longer than others pheromones. However, after doing tests, we’ve concluded that it really only lasts for about 4-6 hours, depending on your individual body chemistry. The spray bottle causes a bit of the spray to be lost into the air, which may limit the concentration on the skin.

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Nexus contains a proprietary blend of 7 pheromones; Androstenone, Alpha-androstenol, Androsterone, Epiandrosterone, Beta-androstenol, Androstedienone, and Androstanone.

Pheromone Effect
Androstenone Increases Sexual Tension
Androsterone Makes user appear more masculine
Alpha-Androstenol Makes wearer less intimidating
Beta-Androstenol Increase feelings of friendliness and comfort
Beta-Epi-Androstenol Increases Intimacy
Androstadienone Elevates womens mood
Androstadienol Used to break the ice, increase sexual attraction

You’ll find that there are both pros and cons to Nexus Pheromones and it’s a good idea to look at both before you make your final decision. One of the main benefits is the affordability of the product. It is only $49.95 for a single bottle, but you can get a cheaper price if you order larger quantities. Another plus is the money back guarantee they offer. It lasts for 30 days and if you aren’t happy with the results, they will refund your money no questions asked. We actually tested this policy and didn’t have any problems.

Of course, there are a couple of downsides to consider. One problem is that while they claim to have Androstenone in the product, they do not disclose the concentration that is used within the product. Furthermore it doesn’t seem work for all males. Some have great luck with it, while others report little results.

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Field Report

To get a better perspective on this product, we gave it a try to see how it really worked. The cost was fairly reasonable and it arrived quickly as promised. We tried out Nexus in various settings to see if we really see a noticeable difference in how women behaved towards us.

My first experience was using it on the job. I work in an office environment for a large company where I interact daily with beautiful women. I tend to be a bit reserved around women at work . It could either be because I’m working or somewhat intimidated by their beauty. On this occasion, a few of the girls that work next door to my office stopped in during lunch break to chat it up and see how things were going. While the conversation did start off with work it ended up become more personal with compliments about the way I smell and whether I had plans for the weekend. Clearly, the product appeared to be working.

Of course, I wanted to try out Nexus in a social setting as well. I wore the pheromone product to a party I was attending to see how it would work. I did get some attention from the ladies, and women did seem to like the product I was wearing. While I wasn’t overrun by women, the scent did get several compliments from some fine women and I never was without a woman by my side at that party.


Overall, Nexus proved to be an effective and fairly predictable pheromone cologne. The fragrance has a fresh, masculine, woody scent and the high concentration of pheromones ensured increased attraction and attention from women. While the formula is not as potent as Pherazone, it still makes for a great and unique pheromone to increase your game. I would recommend to own a bottle of each as your results may vary depending on the women you are trying to pick up. Nexus is a great addition to anyone’s pheromone collection.

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