Max Attraction Gold

While many companies make big claims regarding their products, not every product really lives up to the claims. Luvessentials is one of the companies that delivers on their promise. In fact, you may already heard […]

Womens Pheromones


Scent of Eros is a pheromone product that is the female counterpart of Androstenone Pheromone. It works to relax men and then helps to draw them towards you as well. According to the company, it […]


Pheromones In Perfumes

In this article, I will review the best pheromone perfumes for 2017. You will learn how to use pheromones to attract men. About Pheromone Perfumes Pheromones given off by human females were first scientifically documented in 1959. Women […]


Chikara Pheromone Cologne

Chikara is a popular pheromone cologne that is sold by Love-Scent. Formula It has three common pheromones included in the product in a special blend that is supposed to increase attraction of the opposite sex. There […]

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Pheromone Reviews

Pheromone Reviews by Terrence Michaels Chemicals known as pheromones are highly specialized substances secreted by plants, animals and humans that trigger the brain to bring about feelings of desire and sexual attraction. How Pheromones Work […]

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Tips and Advice

What Attracts Women To Men

What Attracts Women To Men by Terrence Michaels Knowing what attracts women to men is a vital tool for attaining the woman of your dreams. Just because you’re not the best-looking nor the richest guy […]