Scent of Eros is a pheromone product that is the female counterpart of Androstenone Pheromone. It works to relax men and then helps to draw them towards you as well. According to the company, it makes women appear more desirable to men. With a nice fragrance and the use of copulins, many women have reported good results.


In most cases, Scent of Eros lasts about 4-6 hours. Keep in note that it is dependent on your body chemistry and the activities that you are engaged in. If you’re sweating a lot, like when you’re dancing at a club, it may not last as long and you may need to refresh it.

The Good and Bad

When it comes to Scent of Eros, one big draw is the fragrance is very enticing. Women and men both love the fragrance and it is wonderful for breaking the ice if you’re on a first date. The potency of this product is the major drawback, since many of the other leading brands of pheromone products for women offer alot more.

Key Pheromones

Copulins are used within Scent of Eros and it does have some of the pheromone Androstenol in it as well.

Personal Experience

When I tried this out at work, several men commented on the nice scent. Later I tried it on a date and the date went wonderfully. The guy commented on how comfortable he felt with me and definitely seemed attracted to me. After this good experience, I was convinced that this was a good product that provided some good results.


To get a better idea of how Scent of Eros really worked, I ordered the product myself. I found the price reasonable at $49.95. Each bottle has 5 mg of pheromones, which I found a bit disappointing, since many other products offer alot more.


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