Pherazone Ultra Review

Pherazone is one of the most talked about pheromones on the market and contains 18 mg of concentration per bottle (36mg per fluid ounce), which makes it one of the most concentrated formulas. However, having a super-concentrated pheromone formula is only good if you have an equally impressive fragrance to go with it.

What Does It Smell Like?

The scent of Pherazone is very similar to the highly popular and successful Acqua Di Gio cologne, which is arguably one of the best mens fragrance of all time according to independent surveys. It’s often described as a clean, crisp, and sophisticated scent that is sexy and manly. Women tend to love the modern aquatic scent and with a couple applications it will last all day. This proven classic formula will allow you to stay in your comfort zone with a fresh and clean smell. Under normal conditions, Pherazone can last up to 6 hours. We found 2 squirts to be the sweet spot. We also discovered that applying more was not necessarily better. For optimum results, apply to neck, wrists, and shirt.

Just How Powerful Is It?

just how powerful is it

This chart demonstrates the potency of Pherazone against the 4 best-selling pheromones*. With 36mg of synthetic human pheromones per fluid ounce, Pherazone offers more than its leading competitors. There are seven pheromones included in Pherazone that each have a unique effect. This includes beta-epi-androstenol, a-alpha-Androstadienol, 5-alpha-Androstenone, and Beta-androstenol. Also included are some proprietary additives.

What To Expect … My Experience

night-2Most guys would think looks is all that matters, but it depends on the girl and also how you play what cards you were dealt in life. Acceptance is a big part of the game. Friday night, one week ago, I declined my friends’ invitation to a party on the grounds that I wanted to go out alone. Solo nights, for me, are extremely valuable for two reasons 1) I learn to rely on myself, which builds core confidence 2) I save time; no chit chatting around, no talking game, just pure action. I arrive at club LIZ around midnight. There is a huge line and I’m bummed out. I walk up the line to see if I know somebody whose place in the line I could join. I don’t. I’m laughing my ass off as I enter the club. This is beginning to be a good night and I’m in good state.

Pherazone was making me feel more confident around women and confidence is key to increasing attraction. You just can’t help but feel good when you know you smell amazing.

I like to have something to play with when I’m a lone to look more sociable. I reach for the menu and there is a girl who is holding it but I didn’t notice. I kinda rip it out of her hands and she looks at me shocked. I smile in her face, pull her, put my hand over her shoulder and say: “Let’s do it together.” She smiles and proceeds to ask me: “What’s good here?” I banter naming the worst drinks and tell some stories about the worst mixtures. This girl is away from her friends (she went to get the drinks) and I feel she’s keen. Mid sentence I start kissing her. She is fucking shocked! But super in to it. The most important thing a girl looks for in a guy who approaches her is how calm and collected he is. You have to center and ground yourself, it shows you are experienced, confident, not needy, etc. With Pherazone, I was projecting an aura of confidence which made me more attract to the opposite sex.

Things I have observed while using Pherazone ….

  • Good girls avoid eye contact, are intimidated, and will not speak to me unless I speak to them first. I have to slow my movements, speak in a slower, more toned down voice and they begin to melt once they feel safe
  • Party girls show blatant interest, they don’t approach but hover near by and try to get my attention. Once I initiate conversation with them I can’t get them to shut up.
  • Gold diggers will approach me, they assume I’m super high status and flaunt their education/charity work, they talk about their goals and how they love to travel. Some will want bang the same day, some wont’ since they try to box me in the boyfriend/marriage category with core good girls are shy, but they peak glances, they hover nearby and if I open them they are a little nervous but after a few minutes they start touching me and giggling.
  • Party girls hover as well but don’t try to get my attention, they just pretend they are working/shopping/etc. but as soon as I open my mouth it’s game on. fast escalation, but not as many same day bangs
  • Gold diggers approach me, but begin qualifying me right away, instead of bragging about themselves they ask what I do, where I went to school, etc. With ascend they assume I’m a ceo, with core they aren’t so sure.

7 Different Pheromones

Pheromone Effect
Androstenone Increases Sexual Tension
Androsterone Makes user appear more masculine
Alpha-Androstenol Makes wearer less intimidating
Beta-Androstenol Increase feelings of friendliness and comfort
Beta-Epi-Androstenol Increases Intimacy
Androstadienone Elevates womens mood
Androstadienol Used to break the ice, increase sexual attraction

One of the challenges of creating a pheromone-based cologne is ensuring that its ingredients work in harmony, so that the olfactory components of the perfume do not overwhelm the pheromonal components and vice versa. To achieve this, the makers of Pherazone experimented with a variety of percentages and concentrations, eventually arriving at the formula now on the market.

Description of the pheromones found in Pherazone:

Androstenone: In a written summary of an experiment published in the Journal of Steroid Biocehmistry and Molecular Biology, the researchers found that women exposed to androstenone showed an increased responsiveness to men. The pheromone works by making the women feel more at ease with men, and/or more attractive to them.

Androsterone: A byproduct of testosterone, Androsterone is known to enhance sensuality by boosting self-confidence and an increased sense of comfort.

Androstadienone: Organic chemist Clive Jennings-White discovered that androstadienone resulted in marked activity in the VNO (auxiliary olfactory sense organ responsible for chemical detection and communication) of humans. This pheromone is often used to project an aura of comfort around the opposite sex and increase mood elevating effects.

Androstenol: Androstenol is the scent produced by fresh male sweat, and is known to affect the social behavior of young women and increase sexual attraction.

Why It’s Better than Other Pheromone Products

Since pheromones are considered a cosmetic, not a drug, it doesn’t require approval from the Food and Drug Administration. “It is the cosmetic company’s responsibility to substantiate product and ingredient safety prior to marketing,” an FDA spokesperson explained in an email. With that being said, there is little to no oversight in the competing products. Many of the manufacturers claims can not be substantiated and there pheromone products have not been independently tested and shown to contain real pheromones. Without being able to independently verify their claims what are selling may just end up being snake oil. Pherazone is one of the only products available that can be independently proven to contain real human pheromones which are manufactured in an FDA-approved lab.



Pherazone has received mostly positive reviews on Below is an audio testimonial from a Pherazone user.

Competitively Priced … Great Value

At $89.95 per bottle, Pherazone is one of the most expensive pheromone products on the market yet it is also one of the most cost-effective. When it comes to how much pheromone you get for your dollar, Pherazone sells for $4.99 per milligram with 7 different pheromones. Compare this to the slightly cheaper Primal Instict ($4.66/mg) which only offers 1 type of pheromone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 5.57.04 PM

No-Questions Asked Return Policy

Have you ever bought something only to realize that it sucks only to realize once you opened it you can’t return it and out of your hard earned cash? Luckily, Pherazone will let you return your used bottle within 30 days hassle-free if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. I found this incredibly assuring as one of my bottles got damaged upon delivery and was quickly replaced free of charge thanks to their excellent support staff. Being in business for over six years they have an easy to reach customer support to answer any questions or concerns you may have about their products. In case you are wondering, Pherazone shipped in a discreet package that shows no indication of the contents inside. Privacy and discretion are taken seriously.


Wearing Pherazone has made me realize how much better with girls I have become and with people in general during social events by becoming the masculine leader that I am growing into. Whenever there is a hot chick, I feel like she’s mine if I wanted her. Girls have become incredibly receptive to me, and even guys look at me for validation.  We all know confidence is sexy, and I can say without a doubt that I feel more confident with Pherazone pheromones than without them.

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