The body naturally produces and releases different levels of pheromones at different times depending on its current experience. Pherox claims to simply bypasses the brain, causing the body to produce and release higher quantities of pheromones without being in an intimate situation.

About Pherox

Phero X happens to be one of the newest pheromones on the market with an interesting twist. While many pheromone products must be sprayed on or applied with a dropper, this is a product that you take orally. Several natural ingredients are found in the product, including Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Caster Oil, Capsicum Annum Oleoresin, and Niacin. The company boasts that using this product will help you to create more pheromones on its own, allowing you to become more attractive to the opposite sex. Both men and women can use the product.


According to the manufacturer, this product begins to work within 15 minutes after ingestion. Once it begins working, users will feel a bit tingly, flushed, and hot. This usually lasts for only 20 minutes. The production of pheromones is supposed to last between 4-8 hours from the time you take the product.

The Good and Bad

Pherox is a reasonably priced pheromone supplement at $49.95. Pherox also offers a money back guarantee. However, there has not be any conclusive evidence or independent results to confirm whether supplements can help the body naturally produce more pheromones so we advise consumers to take these claim with a grain of salt.

Key Pheromones

While Phero X is considered to be a pheromone enhancing product it does not actually contain pheromones. The company claims that the product will help your body increase its own pheromones.

Personal Experience

We tried Pherox and came up with some mixed results. I definitely loved the idea that this was a natural formula that was to work with your body and the price was reasonable too. When I took the product, I did noticed the hot feeling after a few minutes, which made me think this would really provide results.

I went out on a date with a woman I’d be interested in for some time. It was actually our first date, so I had high expectations. I took the pills, which don’t taste that great, and waited a few hours to see if  their was any effects. Unfortunately, my date didn’t really seem that interested. According to the company, the product would make women attracted to me but definitely wasn’t the case.

While Phero X is reasonably priced, the results were rather mild and inconclusive at best. It did not have the characteristic effects of more powerful pheromones which often lead to more dates and intimacy.

Score Product Lab Certified Guarantee MG/bottle Scent Duration Satisfaction Full
Visit Price
1. N/A N/A 6 hours 9.4/10
Read Review $49.99

The most powerful pheromone we have tested to date is Pherazone, which contains a whopping 18 mg per half ounce. Dollar per dollar it is the most effective pheromone on the market.

Score Product Lab Certified Guarantee MG/bottle Scent Duration Satisfaction Full
Visit Site Price
1. 18mg 6 hours 9.4/10
Read Review $89.95
2. 13.5mg 4-6 hours 8.5/10 Read Review $49.50
3. 10mg 4-6 hours 8.2/10 Read Review $69.95
4. N/A 17mg 4-6 hours 8.1/10 Read Review $98.50
5. N/A N/A 4-6 hours 8.0/10 Read Review $59.95

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