No one can deny the effectiveness of pheromones and their effect on our sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex. Pheromones are naturally produced by the body during times of sexual arousal or attraction, and humans as well as other animals have them. Can they also be manufactured so that you can simply “give” yourself a shot of sex appeal whenever you want to?

Manufacture certainly seem to think so, such that they’ve now jumped on that bandwagon and have tried to take these natural substances, put them into colognes, and in effect simply let you “spray” a little sexual attractiveness onto yourself whenever you want to. Whether or not this is really effective remains dubious, although some of these products have better reputations than others.

First Impressions

One of these products is called Pheroline. As with other pheromone products, Pheroline claims to make men more attractive to the opposite sex; it’s manufactured by GTN Laboratories.

Pheroline is supposed to last for anywhere from two to six hours, depending on how much of the project is used, the individual’s own physiology, and the environment. This is somewhat short in duration as compared to other pheromone products.


Although Pheroline does apparently contain pheromones, they are not listed on the label. Usage instructions for this are pretty specific: The manufacturer claims that if you apply this product to your pulse points (such as on your wrists and neck), it will diffuse rapidly and effectively, and draw women to you.

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As a pheromone spray, the product doesn’t really seem to work, although users have pronounced it a good “standalone cologne.” Some also said it had “hit and miss” success, in that it might have cost slight attraction from the ladies, but not enough to tell for sure. Most users thought that it was pretty much a bust.

It’s weak in the “sexual attraction” category, and even weaker as a social icebreaker. For a price tag of $49.95, it’s not worth the money. It does have a 30-day moneyback guarantee, and shipping is free, so if you want to try it and it doesn’t work, at least you can get your money back.

Is It Worth It?

Pheroline is simply not worth the money you’ll spend. You’ll do as well if you simply buy a good cologne and where that instead; at least then you’ll smell good and you may feel more confident so that you’ll attract women to you. Save your money and spend it on something else, in other words.

If you do want to try it, make sure you take advantage of the 30-day moneyback guarantee in the event it doesn’t work for you. More advanced formulas from competing manufacturers are now sold in scented and unscented formulas delivering greater performance for your money.

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