Imagine if you could attract the most handsome men with a simple little spray that subconsciously increases attraction and desire without the other person even realizing it? Is this even possible? Pheromones have received massive media exposure due to recent studies that confirm their pivotal role in dating, mate selection, and natural attraction in humans. Below is a comparison of the highest rated pheromones for women.

Score Product FDA Lab Certified Guarantee Mg/fl.oz Pheromones Duration Smells like Review Best Price
1. PHERAZONE 36mg 7 6 hrs Obsession READ $89.95
2. REALM N/A 13mg 7 4 hrs Sweet READ $63.00
3. EROS N/A 15mg 2 4 hrs Floral READ $59.50
4. ALTER EGO N/A 10mg 1 4 hrs Fresh READ $59.50
5. MAX SILK N/A 28mg 1 4 hrs Floral READ $99.50

Increase Your Success With Men

With celebrities including Paris Hilton using pheromones in their fragrance lines it’s no wonder they are hotter than ever. Unfortunately, not all pheromones are created equal. The effectiveness of pheromones is relative to the concentration used. The rule of thumb states the higher the concentration, the greater the results.

So what are pheromones? These are chemicals secreted by the body primarily via bodily fluids like sweat, urine and vaginal discharge, albeit in small quantities. When these chemicals are released, they are carried in the air for a certain period of time and then detected by the nose in general and by the vomeronasal organ in particular.

Depending on the type of pheromone released, the expected reaction can range from social to sexual response. In the case of pheromones for women as detected by men, the desired reaction will be a largely sexual response that initially manifests as a desire for social interaction. Think of it this way: a man will initiate social interaction like making small talk with the woman before segueing into a sexual invitation.

It should be emphasized that both men and women secrete pheromones, though the specific substances released are different. In men, the hormones released are androstenol (for sexual maturity, youthful enthusiasm and personal confidence), androstenone (for dominance and aggression) and androstandieone (romantic love).

In women, the primary pheromone secreted is copulin, which serves a largely sexual purpose. There are, however, other chemical substances that women secrete with other purposes such as the mother-infant recognition pheromone most commonly found in breast milk and the menstrual synchrony pheromone that encourage menstrual periods at around the same time in women living in close quarters. These can also be called pheromones for women, though they are not necessarily a sexual attractant.

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