Imagine if you could attract the most handsome men with a simple little spray that subconsciously increases attraction and desire without the other person even realizing it? Is this even possible? Pheromones have received massive media exposure due to recent studies that confirm their pivotal role in dating, mate selection, and natural attraction in humans.

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About Pheromones For Women

Pheromones for WomenFor the last couple of months pheromone perfume for women has been trending. More people are learning how it works scientifically, and they are amazed at how well it works socially. But unfortunately, when new products are introduced to the world, there will always be fake products that claim to provide the same benefits. Fake pheromone products for women are no different. They are just basic scents.

The body naturally secretes pheromones as a way to get sexual responses from others. They are little messengers that you can’t see, and they work subconsciously on the people that you’re trying to attract. They tell others that you are the perfect person for them.

Choosing the Best Pheromones for Women

There are many of these products to choose from, which means it can be overwhelming if you’re trying to choose the best one. Look for a pheromone product with a high milligram value, but with a reasonable price tag.

Also, choose a cologne that has an amazing fragrance. Unfortunately, many brands tend to miss this step. They focus on pheromones and don’t put much emphasis on making their products smell good. Yes, pheromone products can have a large concentration of pheromones. But who cares if the scent is overbearing? Don’t purchase a pheromone cologne for women without ensuring the following things:

  • Long-Lasting – a good pheromone cologne should last for numerous hours. You want it to last long enough so that you can have plenty of fun.
  • Potency – a good pheromone cologne should be potent enough to get the job done. A lot of fake colognes have a small percentage of pheromones, and they don’t work. Even if they contain a small percentage, labels can still make the pheromone claim.
  • Affordability – Do not spend a fortune on pheromone colognes for women. Don’t trust a company that tries to gauge its customers.

Now that you know what to look for in a pheromone cologne for women, the following are the top two products on the market:

Pherazone Review

This pheromone for women must be applied directly to various pulse points and clothing. It lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, but this depends on the wearer’s body chemistry. Read the directions and don’t wear too much at one time. This will not make it work any better. Besides, everyone knows that wearing too much perfume is a turnoff. If you’re in doubt about the correct dosage, start off with low spray amounts and adjust the sprays based on your body chemistry.

Love at first sight. What a feeling! You see him and you’re falling in love. We’ll talk more about the details of Pherazone, but let’s talk about how smell affects the attraction process between males and females.

It has been shown that human smell has a huge impact on emotional decisions. As a matter of fact, scientists are beginning to see this importance more and more. Did you know that the sense of smell works faster than other senses? Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that smell helps us to pick our mates. This takes place on a subliminal level, which explains why women are sometimes attracted to men that they normally don’t find attractive. Chances are, smell impacted the outcome.

Pherazone contains high-quality pheromones, and as a result, users usually experience the following:

  • A higher level of confidence – This is probably true because Pherazone has an amazing scent. This gives the wearer a huge boost of confidence, which creates a love at first sight effect, which leads to a love at first smell. Remember, men love confident women.
  • An increase of sexual appeal – Once again, this is probably due to Pherazone’s amazing fragrance.


Concentration: 72 mg per fluid ounce
Application: Everyday usage. Sex and Dating.
Official Site:

The Scent of Eros Review

Scent of ErosThis is a very good standby pheromone product. It always produces good results for wearers. This is one of Love Scent’s better products, which is why most users give it 5 stars. Personally, I think this is a great pheromone product for women.

I’ve been wearing Scent of Eros for the last two weeks. I think I’ve worn it long enough to reach some major conclusions about it. Some of my good friends also used it when we went out a couple of nights ago. We had wonderful results. Honestly, this cologne worked better than I thought it would. I felt really good when wearing this product. My confidence level was through the roof. No, men weren’t falling all over me. But really? I’m not expecting any product to produce that type of result.

Basically, because Scent of Eros makes me more confident, it’s easier to socialize with more people. I find it easy to relax and smile at more people. I don’t have problems talking to new guys. My friends say that they experienced the same type of results. All in all, this scent is now one of my favorites.

It isn’t as sexy as some of the other pheromone products for women, but it always works like a charm for me.

Concentration: 5 mg per fluid ounce
Application: Dating. Pick-Up.
Official Site:

Primal Instinct For Women

Primal Instinct for HerI learned that you really can’t use too much of Primal Instinct for Women. This is probably because it has fewer copulins. But then again, I never use more than 2 drops at a time behind my ears. Although you might have a different strategy and only choose to apply one drop. See how that works for you. If you don’t get your desired result, add an additional drop. It’s okay to use Primal Instinct for Women in the office, but keep in mind that it contains copulins, and they give off a sexual vibe.

It isn’t a blatant vibe, but it is still something to take into consideration. My most memorable experience with Primal Instinct for Women happened in the office. I put on 2 drops around noon, right before I walked into a meeting. Our company meetings are so boring. Usually, it consists of just one manager speaking the whole time. I went into the conference room and sat next to one of my shy co-workers.

After about 10 minutes, I noticed things happening that didn’t happen when I wore Pheromax for Women. Everyone at the meeting seemed more relaxed. This included both men and women. Amazingly, the manager wasn’t the only person in the room talking. My co-workers initiated their own conversations. After a while, everyone was giggling and laughing and having a good time. Needless to say, the meeting didn’t end on a business note thanks to Primal Instinct for Women.

Concentration: 5 mg per fluid ounce
Application: Dating. Pick-Up.
Official Site: