The name “Pheromone” is the term given to a group of naturally produced chemicals that male animals secrete in order to attract a mate. It has long been postulated by some, that human pheromone can be incorporated in the manufacture of male colognes in order to make the wearer more sexually attractive to women, or indeed to other men. Pheromore is one of the many products on the market, but how does it compare against its peers?

Effectiveness of Pheromone

Of course all product advertising promises the Earth. In many ways it has to in order to be effective enough to persuade you to go out any buy the product, and Pheromore’s advertising is no different. The various products on sale today all claim to have their own special ingredients. Whilst most manufacturers agree that the most well known and effective human pheromones are Androstenone, Androsterone and the Oxtocin Analogue, the makers of Pheromore maintain that their product contains a greater concentration of pheromones than any other product. However, this has not been indepently verified.

Lasting Power of Pheromone

So does Pheromore outlast all of its competitors when it comes to its staying power; in other words the period of time over which it is supposed to be effective? We found it to last between 4-5 hours with regular use. Other brands like Pherazone can last for as long as 6 hours and sometime more. This si due to the higher pheromone concentration.

Allure of Pheromore

Pheromones are not the most attractive of scents by thenselves. They smell somewhat “musty”. Some pheromone based colognes trade on this musty type smell and  some brands do go that extra mile to cover the mustiness with a more alluring scent. Pheromore does a respectable job of enhancing the pheromone smell with a good smelling cologne,.

Reported Results of Pheromone

There are undoubtedly some people that use Pheromore and experience success with it. This is largely dependant on how much is worn. Best results were observed with 3-4 squirts.


The product is not the most expensive on the market.
Its staying power is better than some other products
It may work for some people.


Pheromore is not cheap.
It does not last as long as other Pheromone based products.
It does not have a particularly attractive aroma.
Some of its claims are overstated.


If you are considering trying a pheromone based cologne to enhance your chances with other gay men, you would be well advised to read some of the independent, unbiased online reviews, to establish which products perform best. We found Pheromone to product moderate results that may be worth a try.

Score Product Lab Certified Guarantee MG/bottle Scent Duration Satisfaction Full
Visit Site Price
N/A N/A 4-5 hours 6.9/10
Read Review $44.90

The most powerful pheromone we have tested to date is Pherazone, which contains a whopping 18 mg per half ounce.

Score Product Lab Certified Guarantee MG/bottle Scent Duration Satisfaction Full
Visit Price
1. 18mg 6 hours 9.4/10
Read Review $89.95
2. 13.5mg 4-6 hours 8.1/10 Read Review $98.50
3. N/A N/A mg 4-5 hours 7.2/10 Read Review $47.97
4. N/A N/A mg 4-5 hours 7.1/10 Read Review $59.50
5. N/A N/A mg 4-5 hours 6.9/10 Read Review $69.95

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