It’s never an easy thing to be magnetically attractive to women. That is why so many men look for means in which to enhance their chances of being successful with women.

In this article, I’ve reviewed Pherx pheromones and explain whether they really work. The body naturally produces pheromones to help in this regard.


Now, the power of pheromones is harnessed supplement form in sprays and oils. There are different makers of pheromones on the market and some are superior to others.

PherX is a product that presents itself as one of the best. However, such a statement is an overstatement.

PherX does not deliver on the expectations many have of it. This is why so many men become disappointed with the results after purchasing it.

Is the criticism levied at this product warranted? A closer look at PherX might reveal the answer.


PherX comes in the form of a scented cologne. It contained a varied stack of ingredients and the four main active ingredients are Androsterone, Androstadienone, Androstenone, and Androstenol.

These four pheromones and their inclusion in the cologne is designed to help deliver the desired result of drawing in the attention of women. At only $29.95, most men will not give too much thought to trying PherX out.

Trying out the product is one thing. Experiencing results is another.

The truth of the matter is that this remains a decidedly weak product of limited value. That is definitely not what men will want in a product designed to boost their success potential with women.

Rip Off Report

The funny thing is that it’s rated higher than most pheromone products on the Amazon marketplace, however, these can easily be faked.

Many companies have done this, and you can tell by the number of reviews that DON’T have “verified purchase” listed.

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First Impressions

The success or failure of a pheromones product will often be based heavily on whether or not it truly works. With PherX, the effectiveness is very much suspect.


There may be a minor improvement in how women treat you when you use PherX but anything seriously impactful will be doubtful. Those that have “field tested” this cologne will note that the effective is minimal if it is even noticeable at all.


Most men would prefer a pheromones product that lasts a long time. Or, more accurately, there will be a desire a product that lasts a long time and remains effective through the entirely of the duration.

PherX essentially does neither. The cologne will last roughly two hours and not deliver much effectiveness during this timeframe.

Unpleasant Scent

The issue of the cologne’s scent is another one that needs to be addressed. In particular, the scent is found by many men as being rather unpleasant.

As a result, many will opt to wish they had not applied this product and, instead, purchased a different brand. Needless to say, this is not a positive sign in terms of the value of the product.

Is It Worth It It?

Different users will note they have different results and outcomes using this product. Overall, most people report that it is a very poor product that does not provide very much in terms of effectiveness.

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