Realm For Women

Realm for Women is a pheromone perfume manufatured by Erox.


There are a variety of lovely notes in this perfume with the combination of Egyptian Tagetes, Italian Cassia, and Sicilian Mandarin. This combination provides an exotic smell that definitely grabs the attention of men.


While most pheromone colognes only last about 2-6 hours, you’ll find that Realm for Women usually will last 6-10 hours, which definitely is impressive. It works wonderfully for social situations that are casual and is sure to last all night long.


Adronstenol is used in Realm for Women. Copulins are also used in this pheromone cologne.


One of the great things about Realm for Women is the lovely fragrance. Many describe it as a spicy, Oriental fragrance.

The large bottle means you can ear it for months and months. The only drawbck is that it is made for casual use and you may want to make another choice if you will be in more intimate situations.

I’d be happy with this product just as a nice perfume.

When I wore it the first time, I was impressed at how long the scent lasted and loved the fact that men were complimenting me on the scent all night long. Guys were definitely taking notice of me when I wore Realm to the club.

Not only did I find it provided great results at the club, but it worked well at work too. The price was reasonable compared to some of the other options and I liked the fact that the company offered a 30 day guarantee.

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