To Seduce Or Not To Seduce?

This is a very important subject since once you truly master seduction you can cause a lot of damage. I might come across very calculating when looking at my articles but this is not entirely true. I am very emotional but being emotional alone does not work for seduction, combining your emotions with a very clear intend on the other hand works incredibly well. I am actually really good with state control, but that doesn’t mean I will control it at all times as this will be way too exhausting; for me allowing yourself to be very emotional is part of feeling alive.

The women I am usually attracted to are not just intelligent and passionate but they also invest quite some time for appearing more attractive which often is enough drives us guys more crazy then many of them believe or care. These women influence many of us powerfully with a lot of things, sexy make-up, push-ups, beautiful hair style, sexy high heels, gorgeous nail polish, the way they move, the way they use their voices and many other things. Women’s key stimuli can sometimes drive you insane, so insane that you cannot focus anymore I had that a lot during exam seasons.

I love and appreciate all of this very much, as long as our personalities are compatible. I have to say that I find it perfectly ok for us to work on your influence on women in our very own ways especially for the ones who spend hours everyday to work on their influence towards you. When I work on my influence I do everything to be precise, so I only intend attract the very few ones that I want to attract whereas many of these attractive women use their attractiveness to influence as many people as they can which in my oppinion is mainly to get validation. I met sooo many women underestimate their influence on men only because of their energy and outward appreance and then they wonder why they have so many guys stalking them and I am not even sure if they care about their influence when they know how hurtful it can become when they give guys hope. Many of them would never take responsibility for their actions. I have met enough women who have boyfriends and who still give off the vibe that other guys have a chance with them just for leverage. I am not talking about normal ligh and fun nonbinding flirting, I am talking about giving guys the feeling they have a chance to become serious which well as pathetic as it sounds many guys can already fall in love just because of that. If you use the methods in my articles without caution to “just try it out” the same could happen to you. This kind of reminds me of a scene in the incredible movie Babel:

“In a desert in Morocco, Abdullah, a goatherder, buys a .270 Winchester M70 rifle and a box of ammunition from his neighbor Hassan Ibrahim to shoot the jackals that have been preying on his goats. Abdullah gives the rifle to his two young sons, Yussef and Ahmed, and sends them out to tend the herd. Ahmed, the older of the two, criticises Yussef for spying on his sister while she changes her clothes. Doubtful of the rifle’s purported three-kilometer range, they decide to test it out, aiming first at rocks, a moving car on a highway below, and then at a bus carrying Western tourists. Yussef’s bullet hits the bus, critically wounding Susan Jones (Cate Blanchett), an American woman from San Diego who is traveling with her husband Richard (Brad Pitt) on vacation.[3] The two boys realize what has happened [AFTER IT WAS TOO LATE] and flee the scene, hiding the rifle in the hills.”

After they tried it out and risked that it might work it was to late and irreversible; this is something what happens quite often when people just try hypnotic seduction patterns on women they don’t really like or the use the very simple but powerful direct hypnosis technique called “conditioning with pleasure” on those women.

Usually the kinds of guys who were never successful with women don’t get that evene the most gorgeous stalker can get really unattractive because she is needy. Trying to make everyone fall for you is a deep insecurity IMO. But then again, developing very effective seduction techniques to get a few women might not be so different after all.

I feel that in order to become a master, females will get hurt in the process anyway. It’s kind of like thinking of the plants while being a vegan.

I remember reading my friends (female) post to another female on Instagram when I used the site. It was implying that when she goes on her next holiday up north, not to “break too many guys hearts”. I had a serious wtf moment there many years ago.

It’s a harsh world, in order to get what you want, someone normally gets hurt in the process. Like you getting a job promotion while good old standard Joe in the corner stays put in the same position.

I do however believe that you should evaluate what you are doing occasionally.

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