Pheromone Colognes To Boost Attraction

In this article, I will explain how pheromone cologne works and how they can help you  be more successful with women.

How Do Pheromones Work?

The idea that smell could be linked to attraction between men and women is certainly not a new one.

For thousands of years people have worn perfumes.

But the idea that the body itself produces scents that can stimulate a sexual response in others is relatively new.

The word ‘pheromone’ was actually coined in 1959, and it comes from the word ‘pherein’, which means ‘to transport’, and the word ‘hormone’, which is used as an expression ‘to stimulate’.

It was hypothesized that the way pheromones work is as chemical signals which then trigger an attraction response in a member of the opposite sex of the same species.

Why Do People Use Pheromone Colognes?

When pheromones were first discussed and investigated they very quickly became a hot topic.

If it was indeed possible to stimulate a sexual response through smell, then clearly that would put the possessor of that smell at distinct advantage over all the other members of there sex who were competing for the same females.

In reproductive terms it is like putting Bill Gates in a room with ten other random guys, and ten women. He clearly would have an advantage.

Though in this case it is his perceived wealth and social advantage, rather than his smell.

Can Pheromones Boost Your Confidence?

Let’s say for a moment that you were one of those other ten random guys in the room with Bill Gates.

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At first the women may flock around Bill, and so he may well have his pick.

But sooner or later nine of them are going to get bored as he focuses in on one and gets chatting, and the other ladies are going to start scouring the room for what else is available.

At that stage you want to be the guy who has an advantage over the others, because then you have your pick. It is a bit like that old adage about two guys who are getting chased by a lion.

One turns to the other as he puts on his running shoes. ‘Why are you doing that?’ His friend asks. ‘Well, he says, I don’t have to outrun the lion. I just have to outrun you!’

That is the advantage that pheromones can give you.

In a room of guys, you can suddenly stand out to the women, who will be drawn to you, even if they don’t know why.

That should give you confidence.

What Are The Best Pheromone Colognes?

A good one to get going with is Pherazone which claims to drive women crazy and help you to get more attention.

One of the good things about this particular pheromone is that it has an incredible scent.

You can read my full-review here.

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