Be The True Alpha-Male

Being more honest is being more alpha. Anything that requires strength is alpha. Anything that expresses weakness of character is beta. You guys are splitting hairs. The american version of alpha is being loud and obnoxious. At ThePlace, everyone knows being more alpha is having strength of character, masculine resolve, willpower, ability to take care of people and stand up for them, and overwhelming dominance. This internal dominance comes from strength of character and self love, not ego. When I talk to women, I have 100% belief in myself because of all the hours I put into the gym and self improvement, all the times I have invested in myself, all the times I have told women the truth, and all the times I have given value to people unconditionally without asking for anything in return. I know I am a high value guy because I express it, and I give away my validation for free, and only take it back if the person is unworthy. This is how a king acts. Not a tyrant who takes money from peasants and allows them to starve. The words “alpha” and “king” might have negative connotations, but in the scope of pickup, it means being a leader of men and women.

These are qualities that men naturally strive for. Being honest is not independent from being alpha. Alpha is like an umbrella and all the qualities that makes you a great man falls underneath that umbrella. The true definition of being alpha is strong character and honesty falls in line with that. There are many more qualities as well. Honesty, integrity, empathy, loyalty, resolve, humility, confidence, self love, love for others, compassion, leadership, strength, emotional intelligence, etc.

At the end of the day, we are all trying to be great men. For me, the principle is greatness itself. I do things on a high level because I feel it in my soul. A lot of people talk about purpose. But there are a lot of times I do things out of principle with no purpose. For example, I am not trying to end homelessness, but I give money to homeless people out of principle. I am not trying to have 10 girlfriends, but I approach that HB 10 out of principle because I am genuinely attracted to her and know I will feel bad if I don’t step up. I am not trying to look like Brad Pitt, but I work out on principle. Principle is what leads to greatness. A principled man can’t be seduced by the world. Validation from the world doesn’t mean anything to him.

Being principled is the key to true authenticity. If you don’t stand for anything, women will see it and keep pushing your boundaries. Sometimes I get into heated debates with other men like Heliotropin, but we are principled men, and we get over it. It’s like game recognizes game. And once you become a principled person, you will instantly recognize other principled people.

Being self validated, self loving, and principled to the point where value oozes out of you and your attention looks like the sun shining to women, this is what it means to be an alpha man. This is the guy women love. The hero of the movie. The guy who steps up and saves the day. What makes him the hero? He’s honest, integrified, compassionate, strong and resilient, and has all the qualities of a leader.

The word I like to use the most is hero. For some reason, I have always envisioned myself as the hero of every situation. When someone can’t stand up for themselves, when someone doesn’t have enough change, when someone is hanging out by themselves in a night club, when someone is eating alone, or when someone needs any kind of help. I always feel the urge to offer value to that person. Because value is oozing out of me, and I have no need to keep it for myself. Also, I am the type of guy where it does not matter if the entire world became insane, I will stand up for what is right. I will fight the world just to stand up for my principles. To me, this is the most noble quality of a man. The ability to be his own advocate, not easily swayed by the media, social conditioning, and the popular crowd. This is the guy who can influence the reality around him. This is the guy with the strongest frame. The truly dominant man. So when I speak of dominance, I don’t mean dominating people for no reason. I mean being so internally dominant that you don’t even care about worldly approval. Only then can you truly be authentic in all your actions. Your actions come from a place that isn’t tainted. Your expressions are pure. And your love is real.

A Singularity is a singular being who is self validated and stands up for what he believes is right. This is the type of man that great women fantasize about. Do you have what it takes to stand up for what you think is right, even if the entire world was against you? Do you have what it takes to be a Singularity, and not a product of a society stuck in a matrix of conditioning? If not you then who? And if not now, then when?

This is what I tell my friends all the time. Every time we hang out, we actually don’t hit on women. We spend all of our time giving money to homeless people, telling random people in pubs to believe in themselves. And they always tell us that we arrived at the right time because they were feeling depressed. And women hit on us. We have an intoxicatingly positive and fun vibe that women can’t stay away from. I don’t even care about pickup , but if you do, then this is the ideal. Being of value, and offering it to the world. Being so complete that women cannot help but want to be around you. A league of extraordinary gentlemen, not needy PUAs leaving their dungeons trying to pull. The difference is almost dimensional. The extraordinary gentleman is on a higher plane of existence. His paradigm is completely different from PUAs. In his world, he is the prize and women are the real seducers.

Being alpha is not just about how great you can be. I am sick and tired of myself. It’s also about how much you can give. And I have realized I have infinite value to give away. This is when as men, we are at our best. Offering our love to the world. Women will rationalize “This guy has got to have it in order for him to offer it”, and thus, you appear high value. And because I have infinite value to give away, people give me infinite validation, even though I don’t even want it. This is LITERALLY the opposite of what most PUAs try to do – which is seeking validation.

This is the main ingredient most guys don’t have. This is where everyone mis-interprets me. I am infinitely validated by everyone around me BECAUSE I have limitless value to offer. I am the SOURCE of it all. It was never anything outside of me. The full circle is when you realize you are the one creating the reality around you. Everything comes from within. And the world is a reflection of your internal validation. Even though you don’t care about worldly approval, but because you are so internally validated, the world gives you more of it.

And thus, the world values you, when YOU value you. Women feeding me grapes is just a manifestation of how much I value myself and how much I am offering my love to the world out of genuine completeness. My giving is pure and authentic because I am legit “full of myself”. I am not pretending to “offer value” as a technique.

If you want to put a label on it, then call it the “inspirational state”. This is how I am able to write thousands of words without any plans…forever. I can literally offer value to ThePlace forever. The inspirational state is intoxicating not just to women, but to people. It is the birth of charm and charisma. The “it” factor. Some people just have it. But most don’t know what it is. And I am telling you guys right now the secret to true million mega watt charisma is being in an inspired state of feeling complete and offering your love to the world. Incidentally, this is also how you appear “romantic” to women.

And thus, we have come full circle. The guy men want to be like and women want to sleep with is the inspired guy. His vibe appears inspirational to men, and romantic to women.

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