How Women Like To Be Approached

As I begin this journey of being an alpha-male, I see how much people beg for my attention after I open the conversation for them to have a moment to share with me.

For example, I held open the door for this kid to walk through because it was the least energy expended (I wasn’t letting him be more valuable than me – it made sense for the circumstance) and he said “wow, nice shoes!” and the kid behind him was like “Nice shirt!” like excitedly lmao.. Not the way douche bags do, but in a sincere “I wish I was like you”. – Usually throughout my whole life before now, if I held the door open they’d say “thank you” IF they said that.

I realize the same dynamics work for girls when you come from this.
– Two chicks in two different classes couldn’t stop talking after I opened the conversation. One of them walked me out of class and literally followed me, I had to tell her that I needed to go lol.

But this all builds up to this main point of recognition I had today..
When I was in the gym, I was waiting between sets, and as I stood there, this beautiful blonde sexy ass athlete chick that I never saw at this gym before walked up about 7 feet from me, and we caught eyes. (I never look away, I don’t feel the need to ever look away.. I enjoy looking into someone’s soul).. And sometimes they stare back (until they look away or we walk past one another and there’s nothing else you can do but look away)… But this chick stood there for 3 seconds.. 2.5 to 3 seconds LITERALLY, and stared at me in a STATIONARY position. We were staring at one another in the eyes for 2.5 to 3 seconds, NOT MOVING.

After the seconds went by, she looked like she had come out of a daze, like her face literally became shocked and then she quickly turned around and started working out again lol.
Then, when I was stretching she conveniently walked up to the treadmill that was right in-front of me.. And when I was leaving (5 mins after she went to that treadmill) I saw her walking to the locker room so clearly she was following me..

Thinking beyond this one girl.. I just realized (I haven’t been an alpha for long as you know because of the convo we had 2 months back).. Mostly ALL GIRLS look at me in the eyes for the duration that I look at them. Like they are awaiting me to say “Hi, my names Zak”… In the past, they’d look for a second – some did stare. But now, they all stare for the most part as long as I stare at them.

At a certain point in the day I was thinking “Don’t stare at them like you’re going to eat them” lol because I started feeling like I was completely dominating them with my stare.. But in retrospect, men are supposed to be dominant and aggressive, so I guess it was the right thing to be doing…

But the whole point is that.. As the alpha-male.. People are semi-afraid to open conversation with you. YOU need to be the initiator.. But after you initiate you drop all the weight of the conversation on them and they either become:
A) A jester for you to laugh off
B) Completely anxious and stale
C) Very sweet – full of compliments
D) Down to earth and interesting

Do you agree?

The Mating Dance

This is a women’s way to approach you, she is attracted to you and what’s you to check her out

If you are not looking at her while she does this, this will continue the next time you see her,
If you do check her out with good eye contact and don’t say hi, she will feel rejected.

It’s just that we man usually don’t pick up this cues.
it’s more her bodylanguage, she will first present herself, and than look
if you are checking her out. You wait for that, when your gaze meet, just say hi.

They find very interesting and funny ways to do that.

The really confident one will approach you first, not direct but like
asking some random question on the street, in the gym…
There is no other reason a women would ask you this, than being interested to you (if she could easily ask an other women)
In a cafe shop they will sit in your sight of view, although there are plenty other chairs…

I was at a bar/party couple weeks ago with a friend, we find a table in the corner and we sit there facing the crowd. He says it are only males in this corner, and I said don’t worry not for long.

And I sit there like donscorpio described so well, like a king, and you see them circling like hawks.
And sure enough 20 minutes later you see 15-20 beautiful women doing
The Mating Dance right in front of us.

I wasn’t gonna approach no one that night, I have a women waiting for me at home.
Then five really HB approach us and ask if they could sit at our table, because they couldn’t find one.
And there were a lot of tables where only women were sitting alone, but they approached us with reason.
And guess what, it wasn’t the table.

I think that being an “alpha male”, “the king”, “king frame”, “leader of the tribe” or “dominating” gets misunderstood by most guys and encourage them to overcompensation by proactively try to live to those standards (like “I’m superior than anybody else”). And that’s just doing things on the same insecurities all over again. I would use another words to refer to a man’s attractiveness to women.

Like carefully choose what to give a fuck about in your life.

Or your own investment compared to how much do you invest in other people instead.
I personally try to set the bar as “good intentions”.

From my experience, when I open women, my frame is I am giving them an opportunity to show interest. This is the abundance frame. There is zero game in my personality. I am screening women for interest levels. The reason why I can afford to do this is because I have limitless abundance. An alpha male who has limitless abundance does not game women. I know because I am that guy. I am just backwards engineering myself. I am so complete that I openly flaunt being effortless. You think women don’t see this? Think again. The same way they can smell neediness from outer space, they can smell completeness a mile away. The complete guy is the MOST intoxicating guy to be around. Value just oozes out of him.

When I approach women, there are usually two reactions: Overly supplicating and needing my validation, or threatened by my dominance and they end up negging me out of insecurity. My dominance is overwhelming because I have conquered social pressure the same way Batman conquered fear. He became fear. In the same way, I became the physical embodiment of social pressure. So other alpha males get weak and brain dead or try to win over my approval, and women either supplicate or neg me out of pure reflex. This is why I said negging is a female thing. The man dominates his reality, and some women neg out of pure reflex. And of course, a lot of women appreciate and fan girl on you. This is what it means to have infinite validation from people. You are obviously the most dominant and high status person in a two block radius.

We have all seen that guy. He is graceful, charming, completely unaffected, and offers value to people. When he looks at you and calls you by your first name, you feel like your whole life has been validated. This guy does not fucking seduce women! Women seduce him! Women calibrate to him. They love and stalk him. Know your damn role in life. Your mission, if you so accept, is to become this guy. The guy who is infinitely validated but doesn’t even care about validation…..and paradoxically, that is why he is infinitely validated! Why do I know so much about this guy? Because I became that guy. When I describe my real self to PUAs they think I am high and crazy because they are stuck in the paradigm of lowly seducer trying to impress women. They cannot fathom being this guy.

When you are super dominant, everything you do is super concentrated. So when you say “Hi”, it carries with it a million mega watts of charm and sex appeal. That is why high value guys look effortless. They are super concentrated atomic bombs of charm and charisma. Some guys can say A LOT and express absolutely no value whatsoever.

So my “game”, if you want to call it that, consists of “Hi”, a smile, and an ocean of social pressure and dominance. My underlying vibe is monster value and feelings of completeness and infinite validation. This is why I said you never attract women with your game, you attract women with your self.

When you are feeling complete, there is only one reason why you are interacting with attractive women. To ride that energy of sexual tension. The charming leading man swims in sexual tension. It is an underlying vibe, and has nothing to do with verbal game. Zachariah, when we talked two months ago, I mentioned plausible deniability. I always casually come up with an excuse to hang out with a woman that doesn’t involve sex, like “netflix and chill” or “cooking dinner” because everything I do is super concentrated. To an outsider or a PUA, it’s like “Why aren’t you being openly sexual?!?!?” With my super concentrated vibe, just inviting her to be alone with me means potential babies, wall to wall sex, an ocean of sexual tension, etc. And to Realdatk, the reason why I suggested you simply surround yourself with women instead of being a try hard seducer was because I thought you were just like me.

I don’t know if this is something anyone has ever talked about, but what I am talking about is how it is. Like when Tyler said in the Blueprint every natural that stole his girl always had a grin on their face and an effortless vibe. And he had no idea what the hell they were doing. Those guys were on a higher dimension. Women can sense their dominance and non neediness, but to a try hard pua, it’s a different reality.

So Zak, the more dominant you become, the more you simply express your personality. There is no need to do anything special. The value is in your beingness and not your doingness. The more complete you are, the more you let go of every crutch. At some point, you will stop caring altogether. You will drop all your plans to get laid. Your thought process will simply be “Wherever I am, is where it’s at”. You could be sitting on a park bench and 4 am and still feel this way. That’s how I feel. I feel so complete that I have no gameplan when I go out. Even plans are a crutch. Anything beyond being in the moment and enjoying yourself is a crutch.

I’ll tell you guys one story. It was new years eve two years ago. I was hanging out with a needy buddy who kept complaining that all we did all night was standing by the street corner listening to me lecture to him about being self validated and chill. It was almost midnight and he lost his patience. He was like “Dude, stop it with your zen non sense. I’m trying to get laid tonight. I bought you drinks and all we have done since 9 pm is stand right here listening to you talk about infinite validation and unreactiveness”. I was like “I swear dude, in my reality, things always happen. How can they not? I am the most complete man!”. As soon as I said that, a neutral friend of ours called and tells us he has a hotel room with 2 chicks. Then I was like “See??? I told you. Shit always happens”. So we go there and my friend immediately blows himself out by being too needy and anxious to get laid. I am still hanging outside the hotel enjoying my buzz. Eventually I walk in and I look at one of the girls and my entire presence/ ocean wave of social pressure made her choke. She knew right away my genetics were dominant. I didn’t say anything to her. At one point, people fell asleep and I just pulled down her pants, put on a condom, and started fucking her right there. Her other friend was so embarrassed she she pretended to fall asleep while texting the girl I am banging to hurry up. A week later, this chick adds me on facebook just to recall the whole situation. It was surreal to her. She never had sex with a guy before where she barely spoke any words to. She was 19 at the time.

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