Climax X-Factor

Is Climax X-Factor a good product for gay men to use to attract other gay men? X-Factor is a product that claims that it can do just that by stimulating production of the sex pheromones naturally.


Climax X-Factor claims to be a pheromone cologne that is lightly scented naturally. This pheromone contains androstenal, androstenone and an unknown pheromone that say it will attract other gay men to you, known as Naturally Scented for Him.

This cologne actually has a pretty good smell.

Climax X- Factor for gay men is made to capitalize off of pheromone attraction, the chemical that is naturally produced by the body to attract the opposite sex, in this case the same sex.

Worn as a regular cologne this is supposed to make you irresistible. This is based on the fact that pheromones are said to chemically enhance sexual attraction and sexual desire in men through the sense of smell.

First Impressions

Based on test results, it has been found not to be effective when used as directed. The scent only last for two to three hours at best. The results of it making someone more attractive to another are also inconclusive. Studies have that the product has returned different results for different people.


The main reason that Climax X-Factor for Gay Men most likely returned unfavorable results is that the pheromones used in this product are the pheromones that are used for men to attract women. It would seem only logical that if you are looking to attract people of the same sex, that you would use pheromones that would do that.

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If you are making a product that is supposed to attract men for other men, it would seem that you would use more of the pheromones that are given off by women to attract men, other than those created naturally by men to attract women. This way you would know that your product is based on chemicals that men are attracted to naturally, and the chances of it working from man to man would be much greater.

Is It Worth It?

If you are a gay man that is looking for a product to make yourself more attractive to other men, the X-Factor product may not be what you are looking for. Remember that it is made with a pheromone that is created naturally by you to attract women. This is the opposite effect of what you are looking for it to do.

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