CP28 Pheromone Spray is the latest human pheromone product to make it onto our wall of shame. However, I must admit what CP28 lacks in quality, it does to some extent make up for in […]


Androstadienone Pheromone

As the name implies, Androstadienone contains the Androstadienone pheromone and uses an eyedropper delivery method. Those that purchase this product are well advised to spill any of it since the cost of a single bottle […]



Attract Rx is a unique product in that it is not a pheromone cologne or perfume, but rather Attract-Rx is a pheromone releaser contained in tablet form which must be injected by the user, essentially like a normal […]


Edge SandalWood

Edge Sandalwood is designed by the LaCroy Chemical Company, with a secret formula that has not yet been released to the public. What we do know is that there is 2.4 mg of the pheromone […]

Womens Pheromones

Alter Ego For Women

Alter Ego for Women is a more general women pheromone that has become quite popular. The company boasts that it helps to make men more comfortable with women and it contains several key pheromones that are […]


Turn Up The Heat

Turn Up The Heat pheromones is a product that makes some very bold claims. According to its advertising campaign, the purpose of this product is to greatly enhance a man’s power of seduction over the […]



No one can deny the effectiveness of pheromones and their effect on our sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex. Pheromones are naturally produced by the body during times of sexual arousal or attraction, and humans, […]



Every guy wants to be able to attract women “just like that,” and pheromone marketers claim to do just that. Some thermal products on the market may indeed be effective, but which are, and which […]