Gay Pherazone

Pheromones are nature’s natural elixir for increased, highly intense sexual arousal is all species. Take a moment to visualize an invisible, undetected power that is formidable enough to bypass an individual’s perception of reason yet […]


The Edge

The Edge For Men is just one of the many pheromone products on the market. It is a spray that comes unscented or scented. It’s primary ingredient Androstenone which is a human pheromone that the […]


Edge Diesel

Designed by the LaCroy Chemical Company, Edge Diesel is the cutting edge in men’s pheromone technology and a great way to increase your chances with women. Made with a formula that contains pheromones that has […]

Womens Pheromones

Athena 10: 13 Pheromone Perfume

Athena pheromone 10:13 perfume is the brainchild of Doctor Winnifred Cutler, a biologist as well as discovering partner of human pheromones in 1986. Athena Pheromone is made up of synthesized pheromones that produce no scent, […]

Mens Pheromones

Alter Ego

In this article. I review Alter Ego for Men which, after extensive testing, consider an excellent pheromones cologne for men. Formula One of the benefits to Alter Ego pheromone cologne is the fact that it […]


Alpha A314

Alpha A314 is a scented cologne distributed by Androtics Direct. Formula The scent is not that is known for being overly strong or being overpowering. This is a pheromones supplement/cologne that helps create an aura […]


Ten By Intense

Ten by Intense (N10Z) is a masculine¬†fragrance that has been created with pheromones – naturally created chemical attractants that are released as silent signals that are transmitted through the air from one man to another.¬†Decidedly […]



The name “Pheromone” is the term given to a group of naturally produced chemicals that male animals secrete in order to attract a mate. It has long been postulated by some, that human pheromone can […]


Phiero Premium

Sold worldwide, Phiero Premium is a pheromone cologne that is intended to help men increase their attractiveness to women.¬† This is not to say that pheromones have no value. In actuality, they can significantly boost […]

Womens Pheromones

Pheromax For Women

When you mention the word “pheromones”, most people immediately think of products men might use in order to attract women. While that may have been the case in years gone by, the rules of the […]