Climax X-Factor

Is Climax X-Factor a good product for gay men to use to attract other gay men? X-Factor is a product that claims that it can do just that by stimulating the production of the sex […]

Passion Copulin Concentrate

Edge Trust

A company that began its operation in 1996 and presently has its base in Cape Town, South Africa specializes in the research as well as in the synthesis of pheromone products with Edge Trust being […]


Edge Essential

Designed by the LaCroy Chemical Company, Edge Essentials is supposed to be the ultimate female aphrodisiac. Containing a secret ingredient to go along with pheromone called androstenone, we have no idea what this may be, […]

Mens Pheromones

Alpha 7 Unscented

In this article, I review Alpha 7 unscented pheromone for men. Before I started using pheromones  I lacked confidence, felt discouraged and wanted to improve my game with women. But with all the options out there, […]


Alfa Maschio

Alfa Maschio is a pheromone by Alpha Dream, an American based company. Alpha Dream refers to the Alfa Maschio as the “Bad Boy” of pheromone products. They claim that their pheromone product sends a chemical based […]



You might have noticed that there are guys who simply seem to attract anyone they want to without even appearing to try. This could happen because of natural charisma, of course, but pheromone products can also […]


Alpha Maschio

Alpha Dream is part of a diverse line of rugged and sexy pheromones colognes and perfumes sold for men and women by Delta Technologies. Maschio is a strong alpha-male pheromone specifically formulated for men who are […]



Impi Original Pheromone cologne is made in South Africa and means warrior. Formula Impi combines conventional hidden secrets of herbal aphrodisiacs with current pheromone science. LaCroy Chemical is the maker of Impi and located in […]


Pheromol Factor

Pheromol Factor Pheromones is one of the types of pheromone colognes intended to attract women to the man wearing the scent. It originally originated in England and was sold for $35.  Now, it can also be […]