Conquest For Men

Conquest To Attract Women happens to be a pheromone product that is made available by LuvEssentials. Take a look at this review so you can make a well-informed decision.


It blends together several human pheromones for a formula that is very powerful. However, the fragrance is very light and subtle, allowing you to easily wear another cologne with it. The product has a base of glycol and alcohol and includes androstenone in a high concentration. You can purchase one bottle for only about $25, which is definitely a good deal for a pheromone product today.


The duration is going to depend on where you apply the formula and the way that your skin reacts to it. Most people will find that it provides results for about 4-8 hours in most cases.

The suggested way to apply this pheromone product is by taking a couple drops of the oil on your fingers, and then applying it to the neck region, on your wrists, or right behind your ears. These areas are warm and they will make the most of the pheromone oil.


When it comes to the effectiveness of this product, you will be happy to know that Conquest is one of the products that really does meet the claims made about it. The product has little scent, so you don’t have to worry about a bad odor when you wear it.

When wearing this pheromone product, it works by making you more attractive. You’ll notice that women are friendlier and more comfortable with you. This effective pheromone product will also make you feel more confident, which is a big bonus as well.

First Impressions

To see if the claims  were really true, I purchased a bottle of the oil and decided to give it a try. The price was reasonable, which I liked, and when the product arrived, I was also pleased to find out that it didn’t smell bad at all. This allowed me to layer on my favorite cologne so I had the power of the pheromones and a great smelling cologne as well.

Since it was the weekend, I figured that the dance clubs would be the perfect place to give this product a real test. Once I got through the doors, I quickly realized that the product was working. Usually, I only have a couple girls ask me to dance, but on this night, I was being asked to dance all the time. I even ended up with a pocket full of phone numbers, which definitely boosted my confidence level up.


Conquest for women is definitely a product I’d recommend after seeing the great results it provides. It is also reasonably priced, another big bonus. With the great price, the effectiveness, and the light smell, it’s one I’ll buy again.

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