CP28 Pheromone Spray is the latest human pheromone product to make it onto our wall of shame. However, I must admit what CP28 lacks in quality, it does to some extent make up for in its extremely low price.


The exact mixture used in CP28 pheromone spray is unknown, nor is it made public, but I would guess that it is a rather unsophisticated blend of Androstenone and other un-named pheromone compounds.

The stuff does have a rather pleasing scent to it, nothing to write home about, but the smell is not one of CP28‘s negatives.

Of course, the precise mixture that is used in the production of this spray is a closely guarded secret but is known is that it is a blend of Androstenone and other pheromone compounds.

This blend is in fact very weak and the result is a product that does not consistently and effectively produce the results that the manufacturers claim it will. Most guys who have tried this product report that it really did not do much for them at all.

Decent Scent

One good point they all seemed to notice and comment on was the fact that the odor was not very unpleasant but this is due in large to the fact that it is so weak. Retailing at a very cheap price this is one product where the age-old adage that says:  You get what you pay for is certainly applicable.

The CP28 folks of course like many others claim that this pheromone spray is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that 2-3 sprays of the stuff will attract women for about 4-5 hours. Needless to say, I disagree with both claims. Yes, 2-3 sprays of CP28 is probably about the normal dosage most should use, however at best CP28 is most effective for about 3 hours, if that.

The true problem that I noticed with CP28 was not it’s duration, but the fact that the actual pheromone blend utilized is so unsophisticated and weak that CP28 is simply unable to produce the advertised results with any consistency whatsoever. Other than the mildly pleasing smell, CP28 rarely produced any ‘hits’ from females worth mentioning, and this held true while wearing lower, and even higher dosages of this CP28 pheromone spray.

First Impressions

Wearing this pheromone and expecting any positive or noticeable results is going to result in disappointment.  It just does not deliver on its promises at all.  Considering that it is marketed as a product guaranteed to get you noticed, in fact, misleading and some might say just plain untrue.

Test Results and Review

Because of the interest in CP28 I did feel it was worthwhile to put this pheromone spray through its paces, and therefore did field test it for a 1 week period of time, I simply wore CP28 in the workplace, as well as at a couple of social settings and waited to observe the reactions from others.

The observations I was able to make at the workplace were mixed, but what one might expect from a lower quality blend of Androstenone. Typically, I would see that male co-worker would either pretty much ignore me, or more frequently be slightly annoyed or even hostile towards me, this was especially true while testing higher dosages of CP28. But more often then not, there was simply no real observable response at all.

Weak Response

As far as responses from females in the workplace with CP28, this pheromone spray was much more consistent, in ‘not’ producing desirable effects nor attraction, I tended to be avoided, or noticed that certain females behaved as if they were intimidated by me while wearing CP28.  However, two females over the course of this week did show mild ‘interest’ while wearing lower dosages of this pheromone spray, but the level of attraction seemed to be so weak it was hardly notable.

The last two days of my field testing of CP28 consisted of one low dose and one high dose day in social settings. On the low dose day I observed absolutely no response from females at all, but then again I was in a restaurant/bar and was surrounded by other males whose natural pheromone output was probably kicking the heck out of CP28‘s pheromone output! Therefore, while wearing lower dosages in this setting  it was like wearing nothing at all.

Is It Worth It?

My final thoughts on the CP28 Pheromone Spray are thus, if you are on a real, real tight budget and can only afford like $15 for a pheromone spray, go for it, just keep in mind you WILL get what you pay for with this one.

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