Edge Trust

A company that began its operation in 1996 and presently has its base in Cape Town, South Africa specializes in the research as well as in the synthesis of pheromone products with Edge Trust being one of them. LaCroy Chemicals also specializes in the development of a wide variety of products.


It is a formula that has been particularly designed by LaCroy Chemical to be used by either men or women. It is a light fragrance that one can apply directly to the clothes or skin. When you purchase a bottle of Edge Trust, you are getting a specially formulated combination of 3.0mg of Pheromones along with 2mg of Oxytocin

This is a relatively new chemical that has been found to increase a person’s trust in one another as well as help to facilitate social bonding. Oxytocin helps to serve as a potential cure for depression, shyness, and other social phobias.

For each bottle of Edge Trust that you purchase, you are certain to get a guaranteed amount of an analytical and pure grade of Oxytocin and pheromones. Edge Trust comes in a unique glass bottle containing 30 ml of Pheromone mix. The atomizer is packaged in its own separate box. You can get Edge Trust for a price of just under $60.00.

First Impressions

Edge Trust is particularly suited for either the real shy guy or the gal that is very quiet. This unique formula will help open doors, begin starting conversations and will help in getting increased eye contact  but showing no overbearing traits. Edge Trust is supposed to last for approximately three hours. It can be sprayed onto your body or your clothes.

There is a limited product range, but Edge Trust can be equally used by males or females. Edge Trust is a fresh, light fragrance that has been well received by both women and men alike.


As far as Pheros, yes maybe they help boost confidence a little but I also think from my short-lived experience that they do work as I have had some pretty wild results in recent weeks, like this woman hunting me down and giving me her phone number after a short conversation at a deli. Trust me, these things DO NOT happen ever to me. I know it’s not all me, I am pretty much the same person as before Pheros just with a new tool to give me an edge.

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