Female Pheromones Boost Attraction

In this article, I will discuss the role of female pheromones in human attraction. Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted by humans, animals, and plants, and are used to trigger a social response in members of the opposite sex of the same species. These chemicals have the ability to change and alter physiological responses and emotions even outside the body.

Pheromone Types

Plants, animals, and humans actually produce different kinds of pheromones – such as food trail pheromones, alarm pheromones and the sex pheromones. Among all the three, the sex pheromones are the most widely studied compounds in human beings.

Chemical Messengers

Studies have shown that pheromones, also termed as “alarm substances” or “ectohormones” are actually chemical messengers that are delivered outside the body to produce a series of hormonal and developmental changes in the receiving individual.

Role in Humans

In humans, pheromones play a very important role in initiating social response and in mating. Humans largely rely on body language and on verbal communication as signs of attraction. And pheromones are the compounds that work on the brain to trigger feelings of desire, increased sexual drive and the need for sexual intercourse. The substance is detected by the vomeronasal organ which transmits messages to the brain for creating the desired effects.


The chemical compositions that make up the male and female pheromones are actually very different. Male pheromones are largely composed of a hormone known as androstenone. This hormone is responsible for creating the dominant feel around men, which is, turn bring about the increase of Luteinizing hormones in women.


Female pheromones, on the other hand, are made out of a chemical known as couplin. This compound can bring about a sudden increase of testosterone in men, which can lead to heightened sexual response and increased libido.


Although pheromones are completely natural occurring substances, science has found a way to boost the effectivity of the compound by incorporating them into perfumes and scents. Today, there are now a wide number of women’s perfumes infused with pheromones – all designed to increase a person’s sexuality and to illicit attraction with the opposite sex.

Pheromone Perfumes

Scientists believe that female pheromones in perfumes will help women boost their confidence, gain more attention from the opposite sex and become more sexually active. Actual studies have revealed that those who used external sources of pheromones, aside from the ones they were naturally excreting, were more frequently noticed and approached than any other women.

Increase Social Status

By using perfumes with pheromones, women can greatly improve their social and sexual lives without changing anything about their physical appearance at all.


Commercially available perfumes with pheromones can be used by applying directly on to the skin. Sensitive points such as the wrists, the neck and the back of the ears are said to give out the best effects. But what product users must bear in mind is to never use too much of the chemical.

Undesired Effects

Overly strong pheromones can create undesired effects as well. When applied on the right spots, the effects of the chemicals can last for as long as 4 to 6 hours.

Synthetic Pheromones

The oldest kind of commercially available pheromones was sourced from actual human or animal subjects. However, the extraction and production of the substance could not cope up with the increasing demand. Hence, scientists came up with a way to synthesize the compound artificially, making it available to more people at a short period of time.

The synthetic pheromones available today can create the very same effect that animal or human pheromones have the opposite sex. Up to date, animal or human pheromones are not sold in the market anymore.

There are actually unadulterated pheromones available in the market as well. However, pheromone compounds smell naturally like stale sweat – which can be deterring for others. Hence, infusing these compounds into perfumes is the perfect solution. The smell of the perfume can mask the natural odor of pheromones without reducing its desired effects.

Where To Buy Pheromones

One of the best places to buy perfumes and scents with pheromones is over the World Wide Web. There are now hundreds of brands sold online and great product reviews that are open to the public as well. But remember: watch out for unreliable brands that sell diluted or adulterated pheromone formulations.

There are now plenty of these kinds of brands in the market as well. Make sure that you turn only to well-trusted and time-tested companies that have been distributing the product for years and have proven their worth to product users. Read as much as you can about the brand before purchasing them for a sure buy. Turn only to trusted sites that can assure you of genuine products at all times.

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