How To Approach Women

Many men find it difficult to figure out how to approach women for the best results. In fact, when faced with having to approach a woman, even the most intelligent and courageous men have a tough time. If you want to date a woman, usually you’ll need to approach her. To help you out, here are a few essential tips that you can use to make sure you get great results next time you try to approach a woman.

Don’t Start Out By Buying Her a Drink

First, if you want to know how to approach women, don’t start out by buying her a drink. Many men use this approach and it doesn’t usually work out the best. Instead of introducing yourself, you make yourself look boring and like you are trying to buy her attention. Sure, buying her a drink at some point is fine, but wait until you have the conversation rolling so you don’t look pathetic.

Avoid Cheesy Pickup Lines

Most women have already heard more pickup lines than they can handle. Usually, they don’t work and most women will quickly put up a wall with you if you use one. You should also avoid compliments that are unimaginative. If you use a compliment, make sure it is original.

Ask a Question

One of the best tips to use when approaching women is to ask a question. Approaching a woman with a question is one of the best ways to get a conversation started without looking lame. Of course, just make sure you avoid her appearance, since she hears this all the time. You can ask for her feedback, ask an opinion, or come up with another question to get the conversation going.

Make Sure You Speak Clearly

This is especially important if you are approaching a woman in a noisy environment, such as a club. Speaking clearly will probably be involved speaking a bit louder than you usually would. This will make you look confident and it will get attention as well. Talking clearly and loudly (without getting too loud) makes you look like your the one in command of the room.

Keep Eye Contact

When you approach a woman, keep eye contact with her. Steady eye contact is going to show you are confident, which is a big turn-on to women. As you approach, look her directly in the eyes. However, don’t stare or you will end up making her feel uncomfortable.

Use Good Posture

Your posture is important too when you are approaching a woman. It defines who you are to her when you walk out. Walk up to her with a slow stride and make it confident. Take large strides and make sure your posture is straight. Your shoulders should be back and your chin up. Ensure you continue to use good posture throughout the conversation.

Smile at Her

Probably one of the most important things to remember when approaching a woman is to smile at her. It’s simple, but many men forget this tip. It’s easy to be so focused on the approach that you look boring, menacing, or foreboding. You want to avoid this. You’ll look friendly and welcoming if you wear a smile, which is sure to help you out.

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