Imagine if you could attract the most beautiful women with a simple little spray that subconsciously increases attraction and desire without the other person even realizing it? Is this even possible? Pheromones have received massive media exposure due to recent studies that confirm their pivotal role in dating, mate selection, and natural attraction in humans. But, how do we know they work?

ABC 20/20 new conducted an interview with the co-discover of human pheromones and put them to the test to see if they delivered on their promise.

Role of Pheromones

In order to dispel a few myths and add clarity to the equation, here is an overview of what exactly human pheromones are and how they can be harnessed to help social interactions. This is not a minor benefit since “social interactions” have contributed to the propagation of the species throughout history.

Pheromones serve a chemical purpose that some might find both odd and unique. Namely, the purpose is chemical stimuli thatares intended to stimulate someone via social factors. This is most commonly visible in the way the pheromones help stimulate one’s sexual attraction to another. This will occur when the animal is not totally aware that is absorbing the scent. In fact, the recipient of the scent might be completely unaware he/she is ingesting the scent.

Discovery of Pheromones

Such discoveries are not new ones. Over 50 years ago, it was learned that pheromones are present in animals and are given off as a means of communicating information non verbally to other animals. The study into how human pheromones work is relatively new although there has been quite a bit of success in terms of the research performed in the sense we are now learning more and more about how pheromones truly work.

We do know that human pheromones are released via perspiration by way of the sweat glands in the armpits. As with the animal kingdom, the goal of these pheromones is to convey information non verbally. With humans, there is clear biological and evolutionary nonverbal information being issued. Namely, sexual attractors are released by one human and then encored and possibly accepted by another. This is really no different than how the process works in the animal kingdom or how it was likely more common during the early days of human history.

The “Magical” Aspect

Pheromones do not just convey information. The more “magical” aspect of pheromones is that they have the potential to alter or guide behavior. This is where the concept of attraction comes into play. When the opposite sex absorbs the scent, it may be possible that attraction will be boosted and boosted quite significantly. This is not to say that you can target a specific person and assume that you pheromones will have a definitive impact on that specific individual.

Such assumptions are promoted in certain advertising campaigns and this is unfortunate because such assessments draw away their attention from the true value of these pheromones which is unfortunate. Such false assessments are the common reason why myths abound.

On the surface, this may seem completely and totally incredulous and such an incredulous attitude might very well extend to products on the market claiming the ability to harness the scent of pheromones into colognes or sprays for the purpose of boosting attraction.

While, quite honestly, there have been some bizarre sexual attraction products released over the years so it should go without saying that a bit of skepticism is a healthy thing, it is also necessary to understand that there really is nothing over the top or magical about the concept of human pheromones. They have been with human beings since the dawn of the age of humankind.

How Pheromones Work

The real attraction is triggered from a chemical response in pheromones and not from a specific scent. Pheromones are detected by vomeronasal organs, commonly known as VNOs which are located in the nasal passage. When the VNO detects a signal from pheromones this information is transmitted to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls emotion and sexual activity.

Recent studies have proven that people exposed to human pheromones feel an instinctive powerful attraction not knowing why. A recent study out of Australia claims that 90% of men using pheromones increase their attractiveness to women.

Another study showed that when men are able to pick up on the scent of fatty acids emitted by a woman, the male will experience a boost in testosterone. Once this occurs, women will respond quite positively to the male. While this may seem incredible on the surface, from an evolutionary perspective, it could prove to be much more logical than fantastic. Humans pip once have a stronger sense of smell and research like this boes show how such heightened sense of smell can be tapped for mating purposes under certain circumstances.

The results of a study published on WebMD showed that pheromone users experienced the following:

  • More dates
  • Greater intimacy
  • More confidence towards the opposite sex
  • More foreplay
  • More sex

And if this scent/attraction/pheromones connection can be correlated, it should come as no surprise that the ability to add such scents to cologne is not out of the question. In time, as more and more research is conducted into how pheromones work, such a fact will become a well established one to be sure.


The list of benefits from using pheromones is is long and extensive. Because of the increased attraction from women, it is no surprise that having more pheromones leads to more dates as well as romantic relationships. As more women who find you attractive, the more you are going to land dates. Furthermore, this will also increase the chances of a more active sex life. Other benefits include a better sense of ease and relaxation in social settings, a greater sense of confidence, a more optimistic and positive outlook toward life in general, greater success in workplace relationships, a better sense of wellbeing and better interactions with people.

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