How To Make Her Want You

If you have a woman you’re interested in, perhaps you want to make her want you more.

Maybe you want to make women you meet for the first time want you.

If so, it is going to take a bit of work on your part. After all, it’s not really easy for most men to create sexual tension.

One of the main problems men have here is that they don’t understand what really does turn a woman on.

Create Sexual Tension

What you need to do is learn how to create some sexual tension so you can make a woman really want you.

Do this, and it becomes easier to attract a woman.

Here are a few tips and ideas you can use.

Create Anticipation

First, you need to work on some anticipation with a woman.

Sure, you want to lean in and kiss her, but she already knows that and is expecting it.

Chances are, so may even say no.

This means you need to make her anticipate that kiss and create a bit of tension.

Lean in a bit, but avoid kissing her at this point. She’s expecting it, so when you don’t kiss her, she’ll be puzzled.

Lean away from her and continue talking. Maybe touch her arm or hold her hand.

You’ll soon find that she is leaning in, anticipating that kiss. Now is the time to kiss her, after you’ve made her want it more.

Another important tip to remember if you want to make her want you is to avoid trying too hard to please or impress her.

This quickly becomes obvious to a woman. When she thinks you’re doing everything for this reason, she’ll be more likely to drop you. Don’t act like you’re trying to impress her and you’ll make her want you even more than ever.

Take Control of the Situation

Taking control of the situation is another thing you can do if you want her to want you even more.

Women like men who show they are in control of the situation. Take the lead when you’re around her. Be the center of attention. Show that you can affectively engage others as well.

She’ll be attracted to a many who can show that level of control.

Show that you really are something special. If you want her to want you, you have to show her that being with you is something really important and special.

While you don’t want to come off as too arrogant, a little arrogance will help you out. This attitude really shows women how intriguing you are.

She’ll become more intrigued and will be more likely to want you even more.

Hold Back A Little

Always hold back a little bit. Holding back is going to make her want you. If you give her a kiss, hold back with the kiss a bit. Make her want even more.

Don’t give her a deeper kiss right away – wait awhile instead. You want to create some tension and to keep her waiting for what will happen next.

As you continue to use these tips and ideas, you’ll definitely make her want you.

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