MX 135

Alter Ego For Women

MX 135 pheromone for women is produced by the Androtics Direct company and is quickly becoming one of the top favorites amongst women there.  Currently, it is ranked number eleven in the top twenty pheromones for women.  Don’t mistakenly conclude that being ranked at eleven makes this a less than a great product with little or no results.  Nothing could be further from the truth as this powerful female pheromone is so powerful and produces such amazing results that truly less is more when dabbing this on you before going out.


Androtics Direct is somewhat discreet when it comes to disclosing the exact ingredients in this powerful pheromone product that so many women are being introduced to and are finding it to be perhaps more than they had ever imagined it could be and do for their social lives.  One very happy MX 135 wearer has tried diligently to come up with the ingredients in this product or as close to it as is humanly possible.   The best she could come up with was that it surely must have Androstenol or Alpha Androstenol in high concentration levels along with a somewhat lower amount of female Copulins mixed in.

She is quite convinced by the reactions she has gotten while wearing it combined with her wide knowledge of pheromones that these are more than likely the contents.MX 135 is a relatively inexpensive pheromone perfume designed primarily for socializing and of course the ability to be able to draw others to you almost as if you were some sort of a magnet collector.

Some women while wearing this have reported finding themselves being more of the center of attention than without, coupled with subtle or perhaps not quite so subtle overtures for sexual advances or just increased attention in general mostly from the opposite sex.  However, more attention overall from both sexes was also noted with people having more of a calm, relaxed, friendly and even better mood around you.  Some noticed others had a much greater, almost intense desire to engage in conversation with them as well.


It is not unheard of to have those people around the wearer of MX 135 (most of the opposite sex) start to show more of a sexual rather just platonic interest.  The wearer does not seem to get much time to prepare for this hopefully much-wanted shower of attention.  We are talking minutes here, even as few as fifteen after walking over to you and can be a good thing if you like that person, since now they have become almost your new best friend and cannot stop talking.

One woman decided to go ahead and test this out with her boyfriend’s permission. They went to a party where the majority of men there were more like young men in their early twenties.   What was expected to be a short obligatory party attendance to appease her boyfriend actually turned out to be something quite interesting.  She ended up being pretty much the sole focus of attention and the guys needed to basically take a number to wait in line to ask for her number, give her theirs or try to squeeze a dance in.


Perhaps the lesson here to take note of is that since she was not sure how well MX 135 would work, she went quite overboard on the amount is worn that night and recommends the less is more theory. Also, be prepared before spritzing this on-be sure you are in the mood to be social and talkative as you won’t have much of a choice.

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