Pheramour is a pheromone cologne that is designed to help men be more attractive. You can only purchase it for a low price of $40. The company boasts that this cologne can make you a magnet and it includes several types of pheromones.


Pheramour is rated to last anywhere from 4-8 hours. Keep in mind individual results will vary. Both androstenol and androsterone are used, however, there is no information on the blend that is used.


When I tried it out, it was quickly apparent the fragrance wasn’t as appealing as we had hoped. It didn’t have that irresistible smell as some of the top pheromones we tested.

At one point, I actually wondered if this would be a scent that women would like at all. When trying out Pheramour at a club one night, I ended up with mixed results.

Occasionally I seemed to get the attention of a couple women, but most of the time I found myself standing in the corner of the bar by myself. While this seems to work for some people, it was too inconsistent for me to recommend to others. The good news is that they offer a money back guarantee.

Is It Worth It?

While affordably priced, Pheramour lacked the punch of our top-rated pheromones in terms of scent, effectiveness, and reliability.  Furthermore, we noticed only a subtle increase of flirtatious behavior with women. We tested the 30-day money back guarantee to see if they would honor their return policy and we were delighted to receive a full refund without incident.

Another benefit is how affordable it is, especially compared to some of the competing brands on the market. Unfortunately, the company does not fully disclose the type of pheromones being used.

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