Pherazone For Women

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Pherazone for Women is the female version of the popular Pherazone product for men. It provides a pheromone concentration that is three times stronger than most of the other leading brands. You’ll quickly find a plethora of positive reviews regarding the effectiveness of this product.

Many have described it as smelling similar Dolce Gabanna Blue but with a more erotic streak. This is more than just a nice fragrance. Each ounce contains 36 mg of pheromones, which means you’ll be hard-pressed to find any cologne for women that has a higher concentration.


For most women, Pherazone for Women will last between 4-6 hours. To use the product, you only need a couple of squirts from the spray bottle. Apply to wrists, other pulse points, or add a small amount to clothing for best results.


You’ll find that Pherazone for Women provides the highest concentration of pheromones on the market and a sensual, classy that men will find erotic. This is backed by numerous testimonials and customer reviews.

The one drawback is that not everyone can afford Pherazone for women at $89.95 per bottle. Furthermore, it is not available in stores.


The first thing that I noticed was the incredible and enticing scent. One could describe it as light with a base that reminds you of citrus. When I wore this pheromone product for the first time, men could not help but notice me and be commenting how good I smelled.

Trying this out at one of my girlfriend’s favorite clubs I was equally impressed. Not only did I receive wonderful compliments on the amazing scent, but I also found that men were flirting with me at every turn.


Of all the pheromones tested so far, Pherazone for women has the most desirable scent and strongest pheromones we’ve tested for women. This is a fragrance that every woman should have on her shelf.

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