These days, there are a lot of pheromone products on the market, some more effective than others. One of these, Pherlure, has certainly been highly touted as an effective product — but many think it’s only because the manufacturer has a very good marketing campaign going on. In other words, many people order this product once, but then don’t order it again.


Pherlure operates on the premise that, like other pheromone products, it will make men more attractive to women simply by spraying on its product; as the premise goes, pheromones as produced in nature (by our own bodies) occur when we are sexually aroused, thus attracting the opposite sex.

In practice, simply including these ingredients in products is dubiously effective at best.

Another drawback to pheromone products like Pherlure is that the actual concentration of the ingredients, like the pheromones androstenone and dehydroepiandrosterone, are not listed on the label. (Pherlure, like other pheromone products, is pretty private about what it includes in its ingredients.)

First Impressions

The bottom line, of course, is that regardless of what Pherlure’s ingredients are, does it work?

The short answer to that is “no.” Although users did indeed praise its good smell, in that it was very enjoyable to use as a cologne, its pheromone effectiveness was basically nonexistent, even in places where you might actually be more attractive yourself to the opposite sex, such as in night clubs or bars.

In addition, Pherlure may actually be problematic for many. One user, for example, commented that he actually found himself in a bad mood (which was out of character for him) after several weeks of wearing Pherlure; upon further study, in high amounts, androstenone can indeed produce these negative effects.

While that bodes well for Pherlure actually having measurable amounts of pheromones in its ingredients (if it does indeed produce a bad mood), this certainly does not make the product any more attractive.

Pherlure Fake Study

The pheromone molecule Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone doesn’t exists, or at least there isn’t any evidence to prove that it does. As a matter of fact, no one can find a credible resource for or info about this made-up molecule.

The only information found on the subject comes from websites that are trying to prove that it’s real, and most of these websites are made up as well.

It was said that the University of Illinois conducted research on this bogus pheromone molecule. It was changed to this particular school when the University of Chicago got wind that Pherlure was using its name to sell fake products.

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Other Important Things to Consider

Two websites talked about these fake studies at the University of Chicago and Illinois. These websites were and Since that time, the sites have been closed. Think about it.

You can’t remove a website unless you own it. These schools couldn’t get these fake studies removed from these websites because they didn’t own them. This says a lot about Pherlure’s shady business practices.

Pherlure is a pheromone company with questionable products. It appears that they’ll do anything to sell their products.

  • They made up a nonexistent pheromone molecule.
  • They made up a study that shows the effectiveness of said molecule. (This study is unauthored, which means others cannot verify its correctness)
  • They made up fake websites to hype up the effectiveness of said molecule.

Sure, everyone isn’t savvy enough to do their own research. They may believe this fake information. However, I’m savvy, and I didn’t fall for this fake news. Although Pherlure is trying to make positive changes, I still give the product and company 2 thumbs down.


In short, Pherlure is not effective at all in terms of attracting the opposite sex. Most found that it produced absolutely no signs of attraction anywhere — absolutely nothing. Further, several weeks of wearing the product even had one user saying it produced a bad mood for him instead of making him feel more positive, increasing confidence, et cetera.

Therefore, the best advice is to simply stay away from this product and save your money.

Is It Worth It?

The company is offering a 30-day money back guarantee and right now has a 50% off sale going, but users are saying that the 30-day moneyback guarantee is actually much less than that, because shipping takes significant time. Therefore, if you decide to try this product, make sure you know that you don’t really have 30 days to try it before you return it.

You have to get in under the “30 day” window so that the product is back to the manufacturer within 30 days from your original order, apparently.


The company could have at least created a product with a real pheromone that somewhat worked. At the minimum, this wouldn’t have been a complete waste of your time and money. But it seems like the company couldn’t even pull that off.

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