The pheromone cologne is known as Pheroline, that I recently field tested, was a rather mixed bag to say the very least. I was initially impressed with the level-headed approach taken by the manufacturer of Pheroline, as they did not make any real wild or unbelievable claims to sell their product, nor did they slap this pheromone cologne with some ungodly and unreasonable price tag!

At first glance, I thought to myself there is hope here, no real marketing hype and a perfectly reasonable $49.99 price tag, with free shipping to boot!  These are usually good initial signs of a more reliable pheromone cologne. However, after receiving my new Pheroline pheromone spray, and putting it through its paces for a good week, well, let’s just say I understand in “this” particular case why it’s going for so cheap.

Unlike some pheromone colognes that are borderline scams, such as Pherlure or Icebreaker to name but a few, Pheroline does NOT fall into this harsh category at all. The folks that produced Pheroline really did seem to try to produce a good all around, daily wear, stand-alone pheromone spray! And their intention to produce a quality product was obvious by the limited results that I did observe but, compared to another quality pheromone colognes out there these days they have simply fallen short.

Manufacture certainly seem to think so, such that they’ve now jumped on that bandwagon and have tried to take these natural substances, put them into colognes, and in effect simply let you “spray” a little attractiveness onto yourself whenever you want to. Whether or not this is really effective remains dubious, although some of these products have better reputations than others.

First Impressions

I was actually rather surprised by the poor results I got while field testing Pheroline, because they have included some very potent, tried and tested pheromone compounds in their mixture. Such as Androstenone, Alpha Androstenol (not as tried and true as pure Androstenol, but still pretty close!), and even Androstadienone (which in theory is a goodie, but very few examples of quality pheromone colognes successfully utilizing this compound at the moment).  The point being, the creation of Pheroline was very BOLD! One might even call Pheroline‘s creation, progressive if it worked well that is.

As with other pheromone products, Pheroline claims to make men more attractive; it’s manufactured by GTN Laboratories.

Pheroline is supposed to last for anywhere from two to six hours, depending on how much of the project is used, the individual’s own physiology, and the environment. This is somewhat short in duration as compared to other pheromone products.

This brings me to my true problem with Pheroline as it is currently blended, it simply does not work all that well. It does in fact work, on occasion, but not very consistently nor very potently. Pheroline tends to behave as a rather weak “attractant,” and even weaker “social lubricator,” or if I had to compare it results to a superior pheromone cologne, I would have to say that Pheroline behaves as if it was the weaker ugly stepchild of Certo for Men. However, since Certo for Men is only a few bucks more, why would one settle for what Pheroline has to deliver? I know I won’t.

Pheroline Review

In total I conducted a mere 7 field tests with Pheroline, no more were really necessary. I conducted 4 field tests in work settings, and 3 in social settings. Although it is advertised that Pheroline is effective up to 8 hours, I would have to respectfully disagree with that assessment, perhaps 4-5 hours best case, while applying between 2 to 3 sprays maximum.


The results I were able to observe within the workplace were at best, hit and miss, generating rather mild responses to the pheromone mixture, a curious look here, a passing smile there before the lady would simply move on, it was more like females were mild, briefly, but pleasantly distracted for a moment by my presence but the mixture was not strong enough to generate much of a stronger reaction than that, as I have seen with many other quality pheromone colognes.

While field testing Pheroline in social settings the results were a little more promising, but not much. As long as I was able to stay in a relatively close proximity to a female, and I mean for at least 10 minutes or more, than I did see some slightly better results from Pheroline, but those results were still not nearly as strong as I have been accustomed to seeing with other pheromone colognes.

To say the least, while wearing Pheroline you MUST be very proactive in engaging a lady with your wit, charm, or outgoing personality (if you got one), Pheroline’s pheromonal vibe is not really strong enough to consistently motivate others to sit there and talk with you by itself, by comparison, I can splash myself with some Certo for Men and Alpha 7 Scented, and sit there pretty much like a mute in many social setting and still have women fawning all over me.

Because I have had these diverse experiences with other quality pheromone colognes, I know first hand what is possible and what can be reasonably expected in certain cases and during certain settings, and Pheroline is just simply to weak to be deemed as a consistent or reliable pheromone cologne at this time.

Is It Worth It?

Pheroline is simply not worth the money you’ll spend. You’ll do as well if you simply buy a good cologne and were that instead; at least then you’ll smell good and you may feel more confident so that you’ll attract women to you. Save your money and spend it on something else, in other words.

If you do want to try it, make sure you take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee in the event it doesn’t work for you. More advanced formulas from competing manufacturers are now sold in scented and unscented formulas delivering greater performance for your money.

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