We all want to be more attractive. Manufacturers have jumped on board with a confusing plethora of pheromone products that claim to do just that.

The problem is, many of them are dubious at best and absolutely ineffective or even problematic with negative side effects (such as headaches, and bad mood, etc.) at worst. Is there really an effective pheromone product out there that REALLY works, such that it does what it says is going to do?


Pheromax For Men was created by German technology, such that it’s an extremely concentrated formulation of two pheromones, androstenol, and androstenone. Although users have found it to be very effective, they have one complaint — that it is unscented.

Whether or not you think this is actually a drawback is up to you. That is, you can certainly simply add the product to your favorite cologne and have it work as well for you as any pheromone spray, without having to give up your favorite cologne.

The bottle contains 14 mL of solution and specifically lists that it contains 2 mg of androstenol and 3 mg of androstenone. The bottle itself is reusable and you can simply mix right with your favorite cologne or scent.

The pheromones themselves last five to seven hours per application, which is a significant duration among pheromone products.

First Impressions

The product states that when you wear this product, you feel superior, people think you’re important, you’re comfortable socially, and you give yourself an aura of class. And indeed, that seems to be tested out in real-life social situations. Users found that women responded positively to them when they wore it, and that they felt significantly more comfortable and confident overall.


This is a balanced pheromone cologne that can be used in both social and work environments.  It isn’t overwhelming, which means you shouldn’t have any problems wearing it in the office.  Also, when I wore it, I didn’t have any problems dealing with other males.

I always got pretty consistent results when wearing Pheromax for Men.  However, I didn’t get the “James Bond” type of results that I usually get when wearing A314 or Alpha-7.

All in all, this is a good cologne to use every day.  I recommend combining it with others such as Alpha 7, NPA or A314.

The following scene took place over the course of about 30 minutes.  I wasn’t flirting with anyone because I wanted to see how Pheromax works on its own.  Well, after about 30 minutes, the woman sitting on my left indicated that she had a dry throat and needed to sip from her drink.

So, I turned to the woman sitting on my right, and she started asking me tons of questions.  Then suddenly, the woman sitting on my left reached under the table and grabbed my thigh and started moving her hand towards my groin area.  Wow! She was really trying to get my attention.

Now, as far as I was concerned, testing was over for the night.  What were the results?  I got loads of conversation in just 30 minutes from a very shy woman.  She didn’t start talking to me until she sat down next to me.  I guess she got close enough to breath in my Pheromax for Men and got sucked up into my world.


The secret may be in the combination of the androstenol and the androstenone. If your natural personality is one that is more “laid-back,” women are more attracted to you because the androstenone produces feelings of comfort and security. If your natural personality is one that is more assertive, the androstenone will attract them via the added confidence

Pheromax For Men gives you. In addition, this combination of pheromones will give you all the benefits without any of the drawbacks adding “too much” of a pheromone, especially one like androstenone, can give you (headaches, negative feelings, etc.).

Is It Worth It?

Pheromax For Men absolutely does work as it says it’s going to. Although it has a hefty price tag ($79.95), it’s certainly effective. The company also offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee so that you can get your money back if you want to — but chances are, you won’t want to.

This is one product that really does what it says it’s going to. However, there are  advanced formulas from competing manufacturers are now sold in scented and unscented formulas delivering greater performance for your money.

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