Pheromol Factor

Pheromol Factor Pheromones is one of the types of pheromone colognes intended to attract women to the man wearing the scent. It originally originated in England and was sold for $35.  Now, it can also be purchased from Amazon for the same amount of money and on Love-Scent for $30.  The female version, Pheromol Factor for Women is also imported from England and sells for $35.

The scent lasts for two to three hours based on his tests.

Mixed Reviews

There are mixed reviews on whether or not the Pheromol Factor Pheromones work.  According to Mark Alexander, the cologne only works for some people.

Customer reviews from Love-Scent:

Terrence said on July 11, 2010, “Did nothing for me at all and it doesn’t even smell all that nice.  I won’t be buying any more.”

Micky said on May 27, 2005, “I tried the Pheromol Factor a couple of years ago.  I remember wearing it to a party, and a girl whom I had just met was cuddling up to me.  I mean, it was late, and she decided to hand ‘on’ me.  I have to say that she seemed to like the scent of it enough to sit with me for a couple of hours that night.  It has a slight, pleasant, alcohol smell to it.  It can work with cologne easily.  It’s a ‘light’ product.”

SyraBrian said on July 2001, “I was logging in at the public library when I noticed a very attractive redhead using the computer next to me. I dumped some PF on me and waited. It didn’t take long for me to see an effect. She almost immediately started playing with her hair and throwing her chest out.

She then started giggling, I looked over to see what she giggling out, and she was downloading a Johnny Bravo cartoon. We’ve been flirting back and forth since the PF went on!”

Customer Review from Amazon

Haseeb said on February 2, 2005. “This product has a light woody fragrance and can be worn without worrying about overpowering people with the scent. About six dabs are good but I’ve worn as much as 10 days with no problem.

It comes in a bottle with of 11.5ml of fragrance. Unlike pheromone products which contain androstenone, it’s very hard to overdose on this and scare people away. The unpleasant urine-like odor of androstenone heavy pheromones is non-existent with this product. I don’t know what the exact pheromone ingredients in it are, but whatever it is it puts people at ease around you and opens them up.

I’ve noticed some very good effects on women wearing this product. I’ve had women talk me to death. They seem much more communicative and attentive. One of the downsides to using this product, however, is that it seems to magnify the way you are perceived, which can be a bad thing if a woman already has a negative opinion of you.

If you act like a jerk wearing it, you will appear to be an even bigger jerk to women. If you act kind, confident and approachable then you will appear even more so. If a woman is simply not attracted to you, no pheromone in the world is going to get her to change her mind.

Pheromones are not magic love potions, they only enhance your perception. This type of pheromone product works well in conjunction with others such as any product containing androstenone or even copulins. Adding androstenone and or copulins would make it much more potent and hence less suited for everyday use. Pheromol Factor alone, however, can be worn anywhere without causing disruption.”


Affordable, effective for some, enhances how you are perceived. Not effective for everyone, smell

Is It Worth It?

Because of mixed reviews, it is hard to draw a conclusion.

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