Pheromone FAQ

Does evidence show that pheromones can help attract others?

Yes, a lot of evidence points this way. Scientific advances have shown that pheromones do help to attract potential partners.

Are pheromones used in products taken from a human?

No. Pheromone products use pheromones that have been chemically synthesized to be just like the natural pheromones that the body releases.

What exactly are synthesized human pheromones?

There is only a small supply of real pheromones from humans. This supply could never satisfy the demand for these products and it would create products that are extremely expensive. Pheromones are synthesized to be just like the chemical compounds in humans to provide prices that are reasonable on these pheromone products.

What exactly is chemical synthesis?

This is a process that occurs when complex chemical compounds are constructed with simpler chemical compounds. Many substances today are created in this way. Compounds that happen in nature are often synthesized so the structure can be better understood. Compounds that usually don’t form naturally can be produced in this way for research purposes. It also allows products to be produced in large amounts.

What is the Vomeronasal Organ?

This organ is also called the VNA. It happens to be an organ that acts as a receptor and chemical communication is involved with this organ. Often the VNO is able to detect pheromones that show that a partner is ready.

How does the Vomeronasal Organ work?

According to experiments, this organ works by responding to certain chemicals that are human pheromones. One example of this working is the way that women who live in one place often have their menstrual cycles synchronize over time.

Do pheromones work for both men and women in the same way?

Yes. No matter who you want to attract, it’s important to wear pheromones that are designed for your specific gender.

Can pheromone products like Pherazone be used with perfumes or colognes?

Yes, products like this one can be used with a cologne or perfume.

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