Pheromone Reviews

Chemicals known as pheromones are highly specialized substances secreted by plants, animals, and humans that trigger the brain to bring about feelings of desire and sexual attraction.

How Pheromones Work to Attract Women

Pheromones are actually odorless substances that are detected by a specialized organ found in the nasal cavity called the vomeronasal organ. The organ can send signals to a specialized part of the brain called the Hypothalamus to trigger changes in hormonal levels, emotions, and sexual behavior. However, some studies have revealed that the vomeronasal organ can only be found in 80% of humans. Scientists hypothesize that this could be brought about by centuries of disuse and evolution.

Types of Pheromones and their Roles

Pheromones actually come in many different kinds. There are certain kinds of pheromones that are used especially for communication. Specific examples are the territory pheromones and the trail pheromones that are designed to elicit specific responses on the receiving organism. Territory pheromones are used to mark territories and to warn other animals to stay away. Trail pheromones, on the other hand, are used by some insects to lead them back home when they go out in search for food.

There are also attraction pheromones which trigger sexual behavior and mating. They are usually secreted by males or females and have a specific effect on the opposite sex of the same species.

Among all these, the attraction pheromones are the most highly studied substances in humans. Its ability to affect sexual behavior and emotion has grabbed the attention of many scientists and researchers. Today, sex pheromones are being commercially used to enhance attraction and stimulate sexual behavior among humans. There are now plenty of commercially available pheromones sold out in the market for this very purpose.

Commercially Available Pheromones

Although pheromones are naturally secreted by humans, hygienic practices such as bathing may wash them away. Hence, many pharmaceutical companies now manufacture pheromone compounds that can be applied on to the skin, like perfumes or scents to create the same desired effect. In the past, commercially available pheromones were sourced only from humans or animals. However, the long extraction process could not cope up with the increasing demand. Hence, companies now turn to synthetic pheromone compounds to create the same effect.

Two of the main pheromone compounds used by men are androstenone and androstenol. Androstenone can create a sense of dominance and aggression on women. Androstenol, on the other hand, can highlight a man’s intelligence and confidence and makes him extremely attractive to the opposite sex.

The main component found in pheromone products for women are copulins. Couplin is found only in vaginal secretions and has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men which can result in attraction and heightened sexual desire.

How and Where to buy Pheromones

Today, there are now a wide number of companies that manufacture and sell synthetic pheromone products. But unfortunately, not all of these have the same quality as the others. So if you are planning to try them out, make sure that you turn to a well-trusted brand for real results.

Always stay away from brands that advertise the use of human or animal pheromones. Up to date, only synthetically produced pheromones are being sold out in stores so do not believe products that advertise the use of real human pheromones. Synthetically manufactured pheromones can create the very same effect as the real animal or human pheromones so you do not have to worry about the differences.

Apart from that, make sure that your brand only uses unadulterated dosages of the substance for best effects. There are plenty of products that sell mixed solutions that only contain very small amounts of the pheromones. These concentrations can barely give you the desired effects. So stay away from these kinds of products at all times. If you want to be on the safe side, turn only to well-trusted brands. There are some products that infuse pheromones in perfumes and scents. This is made especially to mask the natural sweat-like odor of the substance.

The World Wide Web is one of the best places that you can turn to for pheromone shopping. There are probably a hundred and one pheromone brands featured online, all of which can be ordered in a simple click of a button. There are also plenty of online review sites that can give you a good idea of what brands to buy and what products to stay away from.

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