The Truth About Pheromones

In this article, I will discuss the truth about pheromones and clear up misconceptions about how pheromones work, what they can and can not do, and how to find pheromones that work. “Instantly Arouse, Attract, Excite, Intrigue and Seduce Gorgeous Women Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want, As Often As You Want … Any Time You Are In the Mood.”

The Great Pheromones Hype

Sound familiar? This is the type of hype you see advertised from pheromone companies. But how do you know any of this is real?  Do pheromones really work and how can you be sure you’re not getting ripped off? I must admit I was not a believer in pheromones doing much of anything prior to starting my little test. But I was wrong …

Creating Natural Attraction

I was never naturally good with women even though I had many women friends. Any woman I came into contact with “liked” me but was never really “attracted” to me.Most of the time trying to pick up a woman or trying to get a date was completely useless.

I just couldn’t seem to get that spark of attraction no matter how hard I tried. You see even on those few occasions when I was “lucky enough” to get a “date” I never got the second one, instead she always told me what a “nice guy” I was, but she “just wasn’t attracted” to me. And that was my problem; I just didn’t know how to make a woman feel a strong attraction to me.

It was so frustrating because I would see other men who were completely unattractive (some would even say “butt ugly”) and these men seemed to have nothing special about them (no fancy cars, houses, or sense of humor) but they were able to magnetically attract and seduce women at will.

I thought something was seriously wrong with me because I couldn’t get the results like other men, and as a result, I fell into a deep depression and had all but given up. In fact deep in the back of my mind …

I thought I was going to be alone forever!

Pheromones on ABC 20/20

One Friday night as I sat alone watching TV I happened to view a special investigative report on the effects of what was called “Pheromones.” It was actually the show 20/20 (you know the one that had Barbara Walters on it) and they were testing pheromones to see if it had any effect on male and female attraction. Well, this is what I saw that night on 20/20 that made me want to try it out myself:

Identical Twins Test

They took two identical sets of twins and gave each person a scent to wear while speed dating. However only one out of each twin got the pheromones and they were not told who had which. So each person would go on a mini-date for five minutes with 10 people each. At the end of the dates, they would see how many people chose them. Whichever twin had more people pick them would be the winner and we would know if pheromones had an effect or not. After seeing that I actually felt like there was some hope for me.

My Speed Dating Experiment

So I did just what they did in the 20/20 show; I went speed dating! Now if you aren’t familiar, speed dating is where you go on 10 or so “mini dates” that last about five minutes each. You get five minutes per person and at the end, you mark your card with the “dates” you enjoyed most and would their contact information. If the people you choose also choose you, you both get an email a couple days later with all your match’s information so you can call them and go on a “real” date.

It was the perfect environment. I was able to put this new pheromone cologne to the test on 10 different women in under an hour. When I got to the restaurant where the speed dating event was being held I noticed that they had some really attractive woman so I was extremely excited for the next hour of “dating”. So they sat all of us men at our own table and explained that every five minutes they would ring a bell.

Once the bell rang a woman would sit down at a table and when the bell rang again it was time for the ladies to switch to the next table. Every five minutes I would have a new “date” to try my pheromones on. Perfect. Once that bell rang for the first time it was like taking off on a thrill-ride at an amusement park. Fast, fun, but also a little scary.


The women when they would be walking to my table would just have a neutral look on their face but right before they sat down their demeanor mysteriously changed. They were smiling, laughing, and some of them even reaching over and touching my arm as they talked. Many of them said things like, “There’s something very unique about you” or “I never say this but I feel like we have a very natural chemistry.”

I couldn’t believe how attracted to me all these women seemed. This was something I just wasn’t used to.

Fake vs Real Pheromones

Real pheromones are incredibly expensive and these corporations want to keep profits as high as possible so they water-down their products. They still get some results but nothing like they could. I learned this the hard way by trying many different brands only to find out they hardly had pheromones at all. Pay attention to the concentration because anything with less than 5 mg will do hardly anything at all. You need not just one pheromone-like most of these products have, but you need multiple pheromones with just the right mixture.

What Pheromones Can Do For Men

You want to immediately spark more attraction and attention from virtually any woman you encounter … making them feel like you’ve been the one thing missing from their lives all these years You want more beautiful women in his life and the option to pick which women is right for you

You want to increase confidence and natural charisma with women … increasing the attraction level more You want to spice up any current relationships with women …creating new and exciting relationships Become the guy everyone envies

How To Get The Best Results with Pheromones

I think its best for people to have a realistic view on what exactly they can and can not do. If you’re in a good relationship, pheromones can enhance that. They can arouse and bring about more intimacy. They can help to open up communications and add some excitement and fun. Yes, they can even make sex more frequent and hot.

If your in a bad relationship that is riddled with other serious problems or obstacles pheromones may arouse or comfort but they cant change that problem or the other person’s feelings. Keep in mind, you may be able to arouse that person with pheromones but there was an attraction there, to begin with, or they wouldn’t have been with you. Arousal will not change a person mind even if they act on that arousal.

Wearing Pheromones

When out wearing pheromones in public, you will get reactions that range from subtle to the occasional strong hit. You will get more attention. But girls won’t lose all inhibitions and begin stalking you or groping your leg. Men won’t slay dragons or leave there spouse to claim you.

Pheromones Amplify Your Status

The pheromones will just add ease, comfort, interest, and arousal. It really does make meeting women easier by boosting your confidence. Along with this, you need to take into consideration the other things that cause attraction. Visualization, compatibility, availability etc.

Make You Feel More Attractive

Pheromones can make you more attractive but they cant change a person’s tastes.

Suppose a person prefers blond hair or tall people, pheromones won’t change their preference and if that preference is strong enough they may ignore the feelings the pheromones cause them to feel. If the preference isn’t that strong it can give you an edge and an opportunity to win them over despite the preference.

They can attract, arouse, calm, uplift, cause comfort, cause interest, enhance and generally just make socialization a whole lot easier. I believe pheromones are a fantastic tool to help us unleash all those inner qualities and help others take notice of them. Keep these things in mind when you use pheromones and especially when your new and getting ready to buy pheromones for the first time.

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